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World Cruise Sectors

World voyages are a lifelong dream for many dedicated cruise lovers. What could be better than a round-the-world cruise, visiting far-flung and exotic destinations for months on end? While a fully fledged circumnavigation might be currently out of reach due to lack of funds or free time, you can experience a slice of the excitement with a world cruise sector.  Read more

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By choosing a particular part of the journey, be it a few days or a few weeks, you can tailor your world sector to the things you most want to see. The possibilities are endless!

Globetrotting cruise lines

World cruises - and their sectors - are available on a number of major cruise lines, so you can combine your favourite cruising style with the places you've always wanted to see. Cunard offers perhaps the most well-known world cruises and world sector cruises, a traditional line with rich nautical history. It's not the only one, however - you can also board a world cruise sector with Holland America, P&O UK or Princess.

The world is your oyster

The beauty of embarking on a world cruise sector is the sheer reach of these lengthy voyages. A world cruise takes in a vast array of destinations, and you can choose a sector long or short which visits the best of the bunch according to your own travel tastes.

To which part of the world would your wanderlust take you? Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific sectors are available, but why not go further afield? Experience the sights and sounds of Asia, the history and splendour of the Mediterranean, or the sun and sand of the Caribbean.  You can also go beyond the typical cruising grounds. A world cruise sector might see you in a souk market in the Middle East, on the beach in Cape Town, perusing the museums and galleries of Colombo in Sri Lanka or traversing the Panama Canal.

Time to start planning now, you've got a lot of world to see!

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