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The Best Cruise Deals From Boston

Stately Boston is a great place to embark on your oceangoing holiday, and this is where it all begins. Cruise Sale Finder have collected a range of cruises departing Boston in one place, so it's easy to compare and find the perfect itinerary. Take a look at the cruise packages and specials on offer - you might just discover the perfect getaway! ... Read more

The city

Baaaaahston, as it is said in the distinctive local accent, is a place that will energise and inspire you. Modern and historic in equal measure, it is full of art, academia, music, excitement, innovation, good food and plenty of things to do and see. Visitors love the fresh seafood dishes, the fanatical sports followings, the juxtaposition of contemporary glass and heritage stone, and the vaguely European atmosphere that makes a city break feel like a true getaway.

Embarking on a cruise from Boston is stepping back in time a little to revisit the city's long history as a sea port. The natural harbour made it a prime spot for European settlers, and since the 17th century it has welcomed and farewelled countless passenger and cargo ships crossing the Atlantic. Sailing out through the Boston Harbor Islands, cruise ships join a long-standing tradition - and get a fresh perspective on this historic port city in the bargain.

Boston cruise lines and destinations

Two of North America's leading cruise lines sail from the port at Boston, giving cruise lovers options when it comes to their holiday plans. Royal Caribbean cruises depart from Boston on the regular, bringing their extravagant and fun style to New England. On the more low-key end of the scale is Holland America - a line which mixes traditional and modern with flair, well-suited to a Boston cruise. Princess cruises, the P&O cruise line, Celebrity cruises and Carnival are well known cruise lines which pass through the area.

The New England region of the United States and the eastern coast of Canada are the most common destinations for cruises leaving from Boston. Port cities visited on such itineraries include Portland, Bar Harbor, Saint John and Halifax, with some ships venturing as far as Quebec. Some ships take a southerly direction and head towards Florida, the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean, or even cruise from Boston to Bermuda.

Boston cruise port

Cruiseport Boston is the name of the city's cruise docking area, home to the majestically-named Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. It has undergone significant renovations in recent years to make it a modern and efficient facility.

The port is less than three miles from the city centre, and has parking facilities. It is also easy to reach via public transport. The Silver Line bus stops one block from the terminal, and you can get on it at South Station (take an SL2 bus) or at Boston Logan International Airport (take an SL1 bus and transfer to the SL2 at Silver Line Way).