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A round-the-world cruise is just about the definition of living the dream! Many cruise lines offer this fantastic opportunity to see a huge variety of different ports across several continents; truly a bucket list experience. Imagine visiting Europe, the Americas, Australasia and more amazing destinations, all without having to unpack more than once, or ever set foot on a plane!

Cruise around the world

Where would you like to go? If “everywhere” is your standard answer to this question, a world cruise might just be the voyage for you. They are the ultimate in unhurried, relaxing travel, reminiscent of the glory days of ocean liner journeys when the pace was slower and travelling held a bit of glamour. The days at sea allow passengers to unwind and get into the holiday groove completely, and are interspersed with port-heavy periods of exploration, learning and adventure.

World cruise itineraries can vary greatly - different departure ports, different routes of circumnavigation. Some lengthy cruises don’t sail around the world but rather make a loop around a range of incredible and far-flung destinations, often resulting in an interesting journey with lots of ports to explore.

World cruise or sector?

If a full cruise around the world is a bit out of the reach of your budget or schedule, there is a way to try an abridged version. World cruise sectors are commonly offered by all globetrotting cruise ships, allowing passengers to get on and off at various ports along the way to enjoy a part of the whole cruise, short or long.

Like this, you can experience the wonderful vibe of a world cruise without the same time commitment - and pick and choose which part of our big, beautiful globe you would like to see and visit. Bustling cities and beach resorts of Asia? The incredible history and cuisines around the Mediterranean? The exciting Middle East, or the idyllic islands of the Pacific or Caribbean? Give one or even two of these regions a try with a sector cruise, and find out whether this style of intrepid travel is something you would like to do more of when you have the chance.

World cruise lines

There are many options for the keen cruiser picking a world cruise ship. Lines offering round-the-world voyages range from the classic, stately Cunard Line vessels (including traditional ocean liner Queen Mary 2) to the modern and elegant Princess Cruises which has, in recent years, begun to offer world cruises departing Australasia.

Other lines which offer variations on the world cruise include P&O UK, Holland America and some boutique and luxury lines like Silversea and Seabourn. Find yours below!

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