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These cruises have made the shortlist of many an Aussie cruise lover. Take a look and see why they are so popular!

Some cruises are classics - the type of holiday you just want to do over and over again. These are the ones that make their way into our clients’ shortlists, the most popular itineraries and most beloved cruise lines which are always spot-on with delivering an unforgettable getaway. Peruse these top shortlisted cruises and you might just find one of those special cruises which will make its way into your heart and memories.

The cruises that make the shortlist

Cruise Sale Finder books cruise holidays for tens of thousands of Australian and Kiwi cruise lovers each year, and that means we know what’s what. By collecting data from the shortlists of our many cruising clients, we can find out which itineraries, ships and lines are the most popular, and present them to you as a highlights reel of cruising from Australia. The wealth of knowledge that comes with many, many happy customers is yours on this Top Shortlisted page - take advantage of their experience! The reviews page is also helpful in this regard.


These top shortlisted cruises include itineraries departing from a range of Australian ports, sailing to some wonderful destinations in the South Pacific region. They are often to nearby destinations such as New Zealand or the South Pacific islands, meaning the itineraries can be packed with port stops and places to see. Many last somewhere between one and two weeks, a convenient length for most holidaymakers.

Top cruise lines

Australia’s favourite cruise lines come as no surprise - these are the big-ship lines which commit to basing ships in the country’s ports and providing wonderful getaways on the ocean waves. They are also affordable and fun, two important criteria for holidaymakers. Frequent contenders on the top shortlisted page include P&O Cruises, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.


We know that everyone has different tastes, and the most popular cruises won’t be every traveller’s cup of tea. However, if you are new to the cruise scene or are just looking for something that’s tried and true, these shortlisted cruises are your best bet. Dive on in!

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