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Cruising for seniors: A fantastic way to holiday. Get onboard and enjoy those golden years!

A cruise has all the elements to make a perfect trip for senior holidaymakers. It’s easy and convenient, requires only as much physical activity as the particular passenger desires to do, and offers varied destinations and itineraries to suit myriad tastes. The average age of cruise passengers on many lines hovers somewhere above 50, so senior cruise lovers are in very good company.

The ideal holiday

A cruise ship is one of the easiest ways to see exotic new places, with no elaborate travel arrangements required, and no frantic running from plant to train to bus to get where you need to go. Once onboard, everything is at hand and life moves at a slightly slower pace - a great way to relax.

Passengers have complete choice over their level of activity on a cruise ship, the perfect situation for those who are in their later years and need some time to recover. Participate in a dance lesson and cooking workshop one day, topped off with a night out at the theatre, and spend the next one lazing by the pool - the choice is yours. Even onshore, you can undertake an intrepid exploration of the port or join an air-conditioned tour, depending on how you like to do it.

For the sociable senior, a cruise allows the opportunity to make friends and enjoy the company of others. To optimise chances to mingle with like-minded passengers, opt for a shared table at dinner. You might just pick up some new friends!

Best cruises for seniors

The majority of cruise lines don’t engage in ageism, and when they do it’s at the expense of the younger ones - such as on P&O UK’s two adult-only vessels. However, some lines do focus on younger families, while others are a great choice for senior cruise passengers

Elegant and low-key lines such as Princess Cruises and Holland America Line are well-suited options for older passengers, both offering a relaxed atmosphere and luxurious touches, with extensive enrichment programs - including Holland America’s fantastic Culinary Arts Centres.

Cunard is another good choice, a traditional line with ballroom dancing, afternoon tea and fantastic service. You could enjoy a World Cruise sector on one of P&O UK’s aforementioned adults-only ships, the Arcadia and Oriana, or sign on for an intrepid adventure in complete comfort aboard a luxury cruise line such as Silversea or Seabourn.

If you’re a senior who likes to cruise, have a look below for some great itineraries. Happy cruising!

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