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A luxury cruise ship is something extraordinary, taking lucky passengers on the sumptuous and intrepid holiday of a lifetime.

Your run-of-the-mill cruise holiday is luxury enough for most people - plenty of time for relaxation, meals cooked and cleaning done, pools to lounge by, entertainment on tap and exciting destinations to wake up to. Some even provide added touches of indulgence, like Royal Caribbean’s amazing suites and Princess’s luxurious beds. However true luxury cruising takes it up a notch, and offers a cruise experience that will make any other holiday pale in comparison. Extravagant, elegant and exciting in all aspects, these cruise lines combine relaxation and adventure into the very best of getaways.

Luxury cruise highlights

There are certain hallmarks of a luxury cruise which come together to make the experience amazing. One of the most significant is that many or most luxury cruises have all-inclusive fares to a certain degree, and this means that there’s no need to get out your wallet or cruise card for a drink at the bar, wine with dinner, and any onboard events. Some lines take this concept even further, with shore excursions, butler service, specialty restaurants, transfers, onshore hotels and more included as part of the total cost. It’s a bit of a treat to enjoy your cruise with no worries about budgeting for extras!

Other great things you can expect on a luxury cruise: Top-notch service in all areas, gourmet food in every restaurant, interesting and thought-provoking enrichment and entertainment options and sumptuous, comfortable furnishings in both public and private spaces. Many luxury cruises are also adventure cruises, with itineraries that go beyond the norm to explore the smaller ports and more isolated places that bigger mainstream cruise ships cannot reach.

Journeys might take you to the amazing scenic reaches of Australia and New Zealand, right into the heart of the beautiful Pacific or Caribbean island nations, touring the incredible history, food and culture of the Mediterranean, Baltic and other European towns and cities, to the sights and sounds of Asia or Africa, down to Antarctica or far north to the Arctic circle: the options are endless.

Find your voyage

The range of luxury cruise lines means you will always find the holiday that suits you. Some specialize in particular locations, such as Paul Gauguin’s Tahiti focus and the Celebrity Xpedition’s Galapagos explorations. Others have a broader range, including popular luxury fleets like those of Seabourn, Silversea, Regent Seven Seas and Azamara.

Crystal cruises offers some large-ship luxury, while lines such as Scenic bring the experience to a port-intensive river cruise. Take your pick of great luxury cruises from the many unforgettable journeys featured on this page!

Luxury excursions we endorse for before, after and during your cruise

Let your luxury cruise continue once you return to shore. Extend your elegant holiday by booking in to a luxury hotel before or after you begin your cruise, or shop till you drop at some of the world’s most sophisticated stores. We’ve gathered together some of our top suggestions for a decadent escape.

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