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Cruise away at Christmas for a well-deserved holiday!

A Christmas cruise is many things to many people - all fabulous, relaxing and memorable. Departing before the holiday so you can spend the 25th of December at sea or in some faraway port. Cruising through Christmas is a controversial choice for some people, but well worth it. A complete lack of commitments and an escape from the holiday madness will really get you into the spirit!

Family Christmas cruise or total escape?

There are generally two types of Christmas cruisers: those who have brought their usual family celebrations onboard, continuing as normal with a wonderful change of venue. There are also those who want to get away from it all - coming onboard with just their partner or even solo, giving up the pressures of the season for one year and just enjoying a relaxing holiday. Both are equally fun and valid ways to enjoy a Christmas cruise.

Whatever the reason for your festive holiday at sea, a cruise ship will provide what you need. Number one is no chores or slaving over a stove - meals are cooked for you, dishes are done and there is an entire crew ready to help you with anything you need. Most ships are decorated for the season, so there is plenty of festiveness for those looking to get into the Christmas mood, but anyone who is trying to leave it all behind has no obligation to engage - the pool loungers are notably lacking tinsel!

Find the right Christmas cruise

The perfect cruise to suit your yuletide plans really depends on where you want to go, and who you want to bring with you! If you’re sailing solo or with just a partner, the world can be your oyster. Take advantage of your time off and sail off to some new and interesting places to see how the world celebrates Christmas. Lines like Holland America and Princess can be counted on for some lengthy and intrepid itineraries for the adventurous cruiser.

For those wanting a family holiday, the South Pacific is always a classic choice, along with some great domestic itineraries and trips across the ditch to New Zealand. These well-loved cruise destinations pair well with favourite and affordable Australian-based lines, such as P&O Cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

If you’d rather spend the day itself at home, you can capture the Christmas cruise spirit and enjoy a festively decorated ship with a cruise just before the holiday, returning in time for Santa to come down the chimney. Take a look at the cruises for next December, listed on the homepage.


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