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Adventure cruises are an unforgettable way to travel. It's more than a holiday - it's an expedition!

A cruise doesn't have to be all tropical islands, poolside lounging and evening shows - not that there's anything wrong with that style of holiday! There are also adventure cruises on offer from a range of different lines, which provide intrepid cruise lovers with some exciting sights, activities and travel memories to cherish. Adventure cruises, often taking place on luxury and boutique cruise lines, can get travellers up close and personal with the places they visit, and are very focused on immersion in local cultures and nature.

Cruising adventures

Adventure cruise is somewhat of a loose definition - an adventure can be different things to different people! However, there are some itineraries and destinations which stand out from the others. Lines with small ships which can visit smaller ports and get passengers closer to the action are the way to go for an adventurous cruise experience - such as Azamara Club, Silversea, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Paul Gauguin for Tahiti tours, North Star for amazing intrepid journeys in northern Australia, and Celebrity's Celebrity Xpedition.


What sets an adventure cruise apart is not just the destination itself, but the small and lesser-known ports visited, the immersive tours offered, and the special touches offered by the line: rigid-hulled inflatable boats for excursions, watersports marinas, dive equipment and even a helicopter in the case of North Star cruises. Passengers come away with a better understanding of and affinity for the places they have visited, a sense of connection that can be missing on a whirlwind tour of a typical cruise port.

Choose your adventure

Where can you get to on one of our more adventurous cruise itineraries? Favourites include the Galapagos Islands which are filled with unique and amazing wildlife, Australasia and some of the remote island chains such as the Chatham Islands, South American cities and towns, the cultural delights of the Baltic Sea, and plenty more enticing destinations.


An adventure cruise might see you floating amongst fjords, traversing canals, calling in to tiny islands and observing wildlife that most people will never see in their lifetimes. Onboard luxury is just a bonus in comparison to those incredible opportunities - but it is certainly a fantastic perk and there is nothing quite like coming in from an intrepid excursion to the ultimate in creature comforts, a gourmet meal and an open bar!