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River Cruise Specialists

Welcome to the corner of Cruisesalefinder.com.au where you'll find all the information you could ever want on river cruising. Not only does Cruise Sale Finder allow you to discover amazing deals and special sales on a whole range of cruises (of both the ocean-going and river varieties) but our experienced team of cruise specialists pride themselves on delivering top-notch customer service that combines extensive knowledge of the cruise industry with a genuine desire to help people have the best cruise holiday possible and find a cruise that suits them to a tee. 

A new cruising experience

So what's so special about river cruising? Quite a lot, really. River cruising offers an entirely different experience to your average ocean-going cruise. The ships are more intimate, with only a fraction of the passenger capacity that's expected of most cruise vessels. Instead of long days at sea, you can expect new exciting destinations almost every day, and a strong emphasis on shore excursions and cultural immersion. Whether you're gliding along one of the grand rivers of Europe, stopping along the way to experience some of the greatest cities ever built, or cruising down the Murray River with the dramatic landscapes of the Australian outback stretching away on either side, a river cruise will give you an utterly unique look at an array of exciting and exotic destinations.

The best brands in one place

To embark on an unforgettable voyage encompassing the cities of Europe, consider lines like Viking River Cruises or Uniworld River Cruises. For those hunting for something a little closer to home, Captain Cook Cruises will show you Australia as you've never seen it before. You may even be able to find exotic Asian cruises down the rivers of Thailand!

If you're looking to really get up close and personal with the places you visit while still enjoying the many conveniences of a cruise holiday, river cruising might just be perfect for you.

If, on further inspection, you've decided that a traditional cruise experience might be more to your taste, we can certainly help! Cruise lines like P&O Australia, Carnival and Princess all offer amazing itineraries that will whisk you across the sea to exciting destinations and boast onboard experiences full of fun, food and friends.

While ocean voyages are what normally springs to mind when we think of cruises, quiet journeys on inland waterways are a great option. River cruises are available in many different parts of the world, and offer something a little different - perfect for the veteran cruiser who's done it all! If you're looking for a truly scenic cruise getaway, consider taking to the rivers to wind your way through city and country.

Waterways worldwide

Sold on the idea of a scenic river cruise? There are many destinations you could choose from. Europe is probably first on the list of favourite river cruise locations, blessed as it is with multiple mighty rivers whose banks hold some of the world's most historic and beautiful cities. The Rhine, the Danube, the Saone and others carry cruisers on their epic voyages to fabulous places like Vienna and Cologne.
Australia has its own river cruises on the iconic Murray River, departing from Murray Bridge near Adelaide to take in the highlights of the river which was once one of Australia's most important highways. You can cruise Adelaide and continue on to Southeast Asia which is another possibility, with cruises available on the Mekong River.

Give it a go

Why would you choose to cruise this way? A river journey can offer some unique perspectives and activities. You'll spend some evenings tied up on the riverbanks, presenting the opportunity for nights out on the town, and can expect some scenic cruising during the day as the ships meanders through the countryside between cities.
River cruises are ideal for those who like destination-focused itineraries, with plenty of chances to get off and explore. They can reach places where oceangoing cruise ships can't - try one, and you might find a whole new way to holiday!