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These aspiring marsupial cruisers are about to set sail

If you're looking for the cruising koalas, you've come to the right place. There's been a koala with an eye on the ocean in the top left corner of our site since we launched in 2009. Now, he's larger than life on your TV screens - and he's joined by his better half.

Just like one million other Australians in 2014, our couple are planning a cruise holiday this year - and they have turned to Cruise Sale Finder to help them find the right ship and the best itinerary at a great price.

As you might have seen on your TV, this furry couple have heard great things about holidays on cruise ships: they are fun, cost effective and a fantastic way to see amazing, exotic destinations with as little travel stress as possible. It's about time they got away, as their schedules have been full with commercial shoots and bit parts in wildlife documentaries for months on end now. Everybody knows koalas need time to relax.


Lucky for them, they live just a few hours out of Sydney, very handy to the port where so many of the big ships arrive and depart. The stars have aligned for these koala bear cruisers, and they'll soon be setting sail for a journey in the South Pacific.

Mr K is very much looking forward to the cruise ship buffets. You might have noticed he likes a good meal - but he would like you to know that the TV cameras add ten pounds, and he's really in quite good shape, for a koala bear. Mrs K will be keeping a close eye on him! She is most excited about the wonderful places she is going to see, and of course, the onboard spa.



These adverts are just the beginning of the cruising koalas' oceangoing adventures. Before they depart, they have a mission to help all of their fellow Australians discover what many already know: Cruise Sale Finder is the easiest way to book your dream cruise, and get the most value for money while you're at it.

Follow in the footsteps of our favourite marsupial mascots and experience an unforgettable cruise holiday. Our friendly cruise consultants (of the human variety) are on hand to help you out if you head over to the “contact us” page.

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