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Lindblad Expeditions: Nature's wonders

In partnership with National Geographic, Lindblad Expeditions operates a fleet of small ships. The two companies are both passionate about adventure, discovery and conservation - a great match! Their trips are a subset of cruises often called expedition travel, and are aimed at those who like to discover the natural wonders of the places they travel to.

The Lindblad fleet

Lindblad Expeditions operates quite a few small cruise ships, including two sailing vessels and a few old-style river boats. Each is unique and has something slightly different to offer the intrepid cruiser. Here are a few popular members of the fleet:

  • The state-of-the-art National Geographic Orion is a favourite, offering exciting journeys in Europe and then heading down to the Southern Hemisphere to journey to the Antarctic region. It is a luxury vessel well-equipped with a gym, bars and lounges and other comforts, and a very tough exterior.
  • The smaller National Geographic Endeavour explores the Galapagos and carries plenty of great equipment for adventure - snorkelling gear, wetsuits, a fleet of zodiacs and more

National Geographic Alliance

The link with National Geographic is integral to a Lindblad Expedition cruise. Cruisers travel in the company of world-renowned naturalists, scientists and researchers, who offer lectures, seminars and discussions to provide amazing insight into the spectacular things seen and experienced during the day's activities.

Travelers may even find themselves observing the filming of a National Geographic documentary, and each voyage has a NG photographer onboard.

Expeditions and adventure

There are so many opportunities on a Lindblad expedition to get up close and personal with the surrounding environment, and they are the backbone of the whole experience. The ships and equipment of course vary widely, but each has plenty of tools for exploration - be that zodiac runabouts, glass-bottomed boats or snorkelling and scuba gear. Expedition teams make sure that no explorer is left behind and provide insightful commentary along the way.

Destinations and something for everyone

The range of ships in the fleet means that any keen cruiser can find something that fits their style. Experience the wonderful wind power of a sailing ship or the classic cruise ship creature comforts on the bigger vessels, and choose an itinerary that meets your interests, be they natural or cultural.

Lindblad's cruise destinations spread across the globe, from the incredible and untouched flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands to the fascinating ports and landscapes of Europe and the British Isles, and far to the north and south into the polar regions of The Arctic and Antarctic.

Seeking an adventure? Take a look at the Lindblad Expedition cruises on the Orion and Endeavour we have available right here. You could be off on an intrepid journey before you know it! If you're looking for something a little more sedentary, you can find a cruise amongst our wide range of lines and itineraries.