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Why book with us instead of booking through your local travel agent?

Let's face it, many people feel more comfortable booking their cruise face to face with their local travel agent.

So now you have found our website with better prices than your local agent has offered, is that enough for you to book with us? We hope so, but in case you need some convincing, we'd like to present our best five reasons for winning your business.

1. Your local agent probably wants you to pay full price.
They may have quoted you the full fare in the hope that you don't use the internet to compare prices. They may have even given you a price promise, thinking you won't check what else is out there. In reality they put the onus on you to do all the hard work finding the best deal - and only when you challenge them on price will they attempt to match it. On the other hand, we give you the best price straight away and make saving on your cruise a really easy and enjoyable process.

2. Your local travel agent is probably not a cruise specialist, but a travel generalist.
We are a team of full time travel agents who specialise 100% in cruises. Few other agents know as much about cruises as we do - and our General Manager, Ryan, who used to be the District Sales Manager for P&O and Princess Cruises is a walking encyclopedia on cruises! Funnily enough, we field a lot of calls from travel agents pretending to be customers, so they can pick our brains for information to pass on to their customers.

3. In some ways we are more local than your local travel agent.
Well, that might be stretching it a little, but with us you don't even need to get dressed and go into town to book your cruise. Rather, we're so local, we're in your home or work - you can book in the comfort of your own space with all the information you need right there at your fingertips. As a specialist cruise company we have invested heavily in our website technology to give you comprehensive information about each cruise, as well the ability to calculate the exact cost of your cabin. We put the power to find the best deal in your hands.

4. We are an Aussie registered travel agent and part of the Travel Compensation Fund
Our Australian registered travel agency license is number 32868, and we are a member of the Travel Compensation Fund - a scheme which protects your money if a travel agent goes out of business (you can read more at But because we are one of Australia's most successful cruise travel agents (in the top five we are told) and a 'diamond' status partner with leading cruise companies, is not a site you'll be needing to visit.

5. We are really nice people, as you can see from our photos.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to booking your dream cruise!