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Cruises from Beijing - Great deals, Lowest Prices

Find your ideal cruise from Beijing on Cruise Sale Finder's dedicated page. This is where you can see all kinds of departures from the Chinese city, from cheap deals to luxury packages in 2016, 2017 or whenever you would like to set sail. Take a look around and start dreaming of sailing into the China Sea on your next holiday! ... Read more

The city

As the capital of China and one of the world's biggest cities, Beijing can be overwhelming. However, the vastness of it all just means that there is something to interest everyone, and an efficient public transit system makes it simple to get to wherever you want to go. Foodies will be in heaven with the many local and international eateries, and there is much history on display in the city including six UNESCO World Heritage sites. Modern buildings also attract architecture buffs, and you will find music, art and acrobatics in various venues dotted throughout Beijing.

Highlights for visitors to the city include Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Beijing Zoo. There are also sections of the Great Wall of China which are a short drive away, very popular with those who travel to the area. One thing's for sure - you won't be bored in Beijing before your cruise departs!

Beijing cruise lines and destinations

The cruises and lines available from the city can vary, so keep checking back for new cruises from Beijing! Oceania Cruises is one that offers departures from Beijing's nearby port, a line which offers the luxury experience at great value - an excellent choice for your Beijing cruise adventure. Some of the bigger lines have been known to cruise through the area including P&O cruises, Princess, Celebrity, the Royal Caribbean cruise line and Carnival cruises.

Interesting and exotic destinations are in plentiful supply when sailing from Beijing. Ships call in to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Xiamen. Those departing on a more lengthy journey might cruise from Beijing to Bangkok and Southeast Asia or even all the way to Sydney.

Beijing cruise port

Cruise ships visiting or departing from Beijing dock at the Tianjin International Cruise Port which is near the port city of Tianjin and around 175 kilometres from central Beijing. It is a big and relatively new facility with plenty of space to process passengers from multiple ships.

There are many options for transport from Beijing to the cruise port. Bullet trains run regularly to Tianjin; from there it's a lengthy taxi ride to the terminal. Slower trains run several times a day to Tanggu which is a little closer. It is also possible to arrange private or group transfers and this is generally the easiest option.

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