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Carnival Cruise Lines: the world-class holiday option

As part of the largest cruise line in the world, Carnival Cruises Australia is perfectly placed to offer cruisers a holiday with adventure, relaxation, fantastic food and plenty to do while providing great deals. ... Read more



    If you've ever boarded a Carnival Cruise ship, you will have seen what separates this line from the others. The decor is bright and screams a message of unbridled excitement - think Disney meets Las Vegas. There is a reason they are called the "fun ships".

    Cruising from Sydney, Carnival ships delight passengers with fabulous itineraries, visiting varied and fabulous destinations from New Caledonia and Fiji to Tasmania and Moreton Island. Make sure you keep an eye on this page to take advantage of any Carnival Cruise deals as and when they come up.

    Carnival Cruise Ships in Australia

    As part of the Carnival corporation which includes lines such as P&O, Princess and Cunard, among others, Carnival Cruise Lines is in good company Down Under, providing great deals. Their two ships travelling from Sydney are equipped with the finest facilities and latest innovations.

    • Carnival Spirit fast became a favourite with Australian cruisers and recently wowed customers again with its Fun Ship 2.0 refurbishment in 2015. With itineraries ranging from short, three-night cruises to 15-night Far-Eastern trips, cruisers love the Spirit offering. The ship itself is billed as extraordinary, with a capacity of just over 2000 passengers. It has four outdoor pools, 16 bars and lounges and award-winning kids programmes.

    • Carnival Legend has been deployed seasonally from Sydney since September 2014. It has a traditional feel, with the Camelot and Avalon pools, while the Golden Fleece Steakhouse is the stuff of culinary legend. Legend primarily offers 8 to 12-day cruises to the Pacific Islands.

    Onboard with Carnival Australia

    As the cruising industry Down Under becomes more competitive, Carnival is always looking for ways to innovate and improve their packages and provide great deals. Green Thunder is the fastest waterslide at sea, while Serenity Retreat offers up a divine escape from the kids, with hammocks, lounges and a heated spa. Fine dining incorporates the best in fresh produce, and on Legend the Red Frog Pub and Bonsai Sushi restaurant are exceptional new additions.

    All age groups are catered for onboard. Camp Ocean is well-equipped to keep any young cruiser happy with three subgroups each catering for kids in various age ranges, while Circle C offers movies, video games and scavenger hunts for young teenagers. The more grown-up teens can dance at the disco and make new friends at Club 02. No-one is left out on Carnival.

    While there are American-style power outlets, the use of US currency and a culture of tipping, the laidback nature and fun facilities make Carnival considerably more Aussie.

    Carnival Cruise Itineraries

    Carnival Cruises will take you to enjoy the splendours of the South Pacific, wonders of New Zealand or special delights of your own backyard such as Queensland and Tasmania. Cruises from Australia are offered in short 3-4 day breaks departing Sydney or Brisbane,  5-6 day excursions, as well as 7-12-day itineraries to go further afield.

    Book your Carnival Cruise holiday package

    Choose below from a range of Carnival cruise deals and exciting itineraries. Whether you imagine yourself sunning on a Fijian beach, hiking in Tasmania or snorkelling in New Caledonia, Carnival has something exciting for you - all with fabulous activities and amazing service in between ports.   

    If you can't see what you're looking for, head to the home page to find a cheap cruise that suits your style and schedule.

    5 tips to find the best Carnival Cruise deals

    Going on a cruise is one of those bucket list items that everybody would like to do 'someday'. Instead of leaving it on your wishlist forever, make this fantastic travel adventure happen by learning how to get the best Carnival Cruise deals possible and booking it in!

    1. Plan to travel in the off season

    Cruising is already a popular holiday option, which is why the prices can climb quickly for longer trips on bigger ships. Your best bet for cruise deals is when fewer people are looking to travel, as this is when operators drop prices to fill rooms. 
    Avoid holidays such as Christmas and New Year's, the middle of summer and school breaks to secure an off-season bargain. 

    2. Be a beggar, not a chooser

    We all know how the saying goes, and it's especially true for cruising. The largest cruise boats in the world tend to have extensive amenities and offerings, from live shows and performances to rock climbing walls and waterslides. While they may be the most luxurious, they also cost the most. 
    Look for smaller cruise boats with fewer bells and whistles for the best cruise deals. 

    3. Account for everything

    The most affordable Carnival cruises may not always be the ones with the lowest price on the room rate, so it's important to account for everything. 
    This means looking at other financial factors such as onboard credit, free meals, included Wi-Fi and other amenities. If you pay for the cheapest room but have to buy all of your extras on board, the trip may end up costing more than a cruise that's pricier at first but saves you while you're on the ship.

    4. Consider all destinations

    The Carnival cruise line offers holidays all over the world, but if you're only looking at one possible itinerary, you may be missing out on great deals elsewhere. 
    You'll need to take into account the cost of getting to and from the departure and final ports, but even then, a cruise in Europe may be cheaper than one around South America, for example. 

    5. Book at last minute

    Perhaps the most important tip for securing the best Carnival Cruise deal is to wait until the last minute to book. Naturally, you should do all your research early and track down a few options that would suit according to the above four tips, but after that - just wait. 
    It will be a test of patience, but remember that cruise operators would rather fill rooms than leave with empty places, so they will drop prices significantly if there are still spots left over the final few weeks. It may not be wise to do this on peak season travel as you could miss out, but otherwise it should be safe to book just two to eight weeks before departure for an unbeatable deal.