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Cruises from Sao Paulo

Looking for a cruise out of Sao Paulo? You are looking in the right place. This little corner of Cruise Sale Finder has cheap deals, specials and packages on cruise holidays from the Brazilian city. Don't spend hours searching - they're all together in one place, so you can browse, book and start dreaming of your getaway whether you be planning on venturing the seas in 2016, 2017 or whenever your heart pleases! ... Read more



    The city

    Big, busy and bursting with life, Sao Paulo can be intimidating at first glance, but look at the smaller details and you'll find a wonderful place to explore. The city is home to endless cinemas, theatres, bistros, clubs and more, enhanced by a fantastically multicultural population and the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding the urban area.

    From the historic centre to the museums, parks to concert halls, there is something for everyone in Sao Paulo. Some highlights include the Jardim Zoologico, Brazil's largest zoo, the Mercado Municipal, a vast covered market, and of course the many football matches which take place across the city's four stadiums. If you're cruising from Sao Paulo, plan a day or two at the beginning or end of your trip to see what this wonderful place has to offer!

    Sao Paulo cruise lines and destinations

    Royal Caribbean offers their signature extravagant style of cruising from Sao Paulo. The large-ship line is at the forefront of cruising innovations, with the biggest ships packed full of things to do, see and eat - kind of like the city you've just left behind when cruising from Sao Paulo! Princess cruises, P&O cruises, cruises with Carnival and the Celebrity cruise line also pass through the Brazilian centre!

    The eastern coast of South America is the primary destination for cruises out of Sao Paulo, with ships calling into the ports of Brazil and Argentina - Buzios, Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana, Montevideo and Buenos Aires to name just a few. Extended voyages departing Sao Paulo might head right around the horn to Chile, or northeast across the Atlantic to Europe.

    Sao Paulo cruise port

    As Sao Paulo itself is not on the coast, ships visiting or departing the city dock at the port of Santos. Ships dock along a long quay and passengers are transported by shuttle to be processed in the Passenger Terminal which has cafes, snack bars, tour offices, ATMs, internet access and currency exchange.

    The terminal is 1.5 kilometres from central Santos, and the port city has some lovely beaches. It is a 70-kilometre journey into Sao Paulo, so the easiest option is often to arrange a transfer through your cruise line or an independent company.