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Winter Cruise Deals: Escape the Cold

Published on Mar 01, 2014

Winter Cruise Deals: Escape the Cold

Winter Cruise Deals: Escape the Cold

Winter cruises are a total escape- a way to leave the cold behind for a few days or weeks and enjoy a tropical holiday complete with beaches, pool, spa, meals prepared and dishes done by someone else. Perfection!


Northern Cruises

In the northern hemisphere, winter is December to February, so cruises over Christmas or New Years are popular winter cruises. Even better is the opportunity to get away after the silly season is over and relax in the sunshine! The Caribbean is the top cruising destination in winter amongst North Americans, made perfect for the purpose by its year-round tropical climate, myriad of islands, fascinating history and white-sand beaches. Over in Europe, the Mediterranean awaits with a multitude of historical cities and picture-perfect islands. The mild Mediterranean climate means that winters are not too cold, or too hot- perfect for a port-packed cruise exploring the wonderful cities which can become overcrowded and sweltering in the summer.


Cruise Deals in the South

In the South Pacific, the tropical climate of the Polynesian and Melanesian islands allows year-round cruising. With cruise lengths ranging from 7 nights to 14 nights or more, any manner of winter cruising is available in the region. P&O Australia's fleet and the Carnival Spirit make up most of the ships seen in the area over the winter.


Another great option for winter cruises is to head to the other side of the world in search of the opposite summer! This, while often costly in both time and money due to flights, is a wonderful way to have a true getaway and a great experience.


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