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Cat lover? Zombie fan? Climb aboard a themed cruise

Cat lover? Zombie fan? Climb aboard a themed cruise

Cruises are best known for providing a welcome escape from the ordinary, with all the entertainment, activities, dining and exotic destinations a holidaymaker could want for. And while that may be enough for some, there are an increasing number of one-of-a-kind experiences at sea that go above and beyond to deliver delight and joy to cruisers with a particular penchant for certain subjects.

Themed cruises from Australia and around the world are setting sail, catering to special interests and bringing boatloads of quirk to the industry. Here are four cruises you should know about if you’re eager to explore the weird and wonderful side of cruising.

Beware - zombies at sea

Have you thought about what you would do in a real life zombie invasion? Are you addicted to watching the Walking Dead? If so, get ready to experience the thrills and spills of a zombie apocalypse at sea with the Walker Stalker Cruise. This unique themed experience will take place in January 2018 aboard the Norwegian Pearl.

This stunning ship’s bowling alley, array of restaurants, bars and lounges, casino and tranquil spa will be overrun by zombies as the ship sails from New Orleans to Cozumel, Mexico. Guests can expect theme nights, live music, zombie-themed activities and even events with stars of the Walking Dead themselves. Now that will make a great story!

Cruising for cat lovers

Are you partly responsible for making internet cat videos famous? Do you make a baby voice when you speak to the feline species? Despite the rocky relationship between cats and water, there’s a cruise that brings these great passions together in just the right way - the Meow Meow Cruise. That’s right, you can hop aboard the Carnival Victory this October (2017) and trade your pet pictures with cat lovers aboard a cruise from Miami to the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, beloved cats themselves aren’t allowed onboard, but between cat-themed activities like Meow Meow Trivia and Scavenger Hunts, you’ll get your fix of all things feline. Make sure you enjoy the rest of this ship’s amazing features - the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat is perfect if you need some downtime.

Cats and cruises are a fun combination

Something a bit spooky

If your idea of a great holiday is a good scare, you’re in luck - there’s a cruise for you too! Ships like the Norwegian Dawn have been known to offer paranormal-themed cruises to destinations revered by ghost hunters. On these voyages, you can explore places steeped in history with cruises to Mexico, Honduras, New Orleans and Belize. Passengers can disembark at each port for ‘ghost hunter’ shore excursions that explore the city’s most notorious paranormal hotspots. There have even been psychic-themed cruises on the aptly named Carnival Spirit. What’s more, some older cruise ships even play up rumours of hauntings on their very own decks to attract paranormal enthusiasts. How about you - do you dare?

Mexico serves up the spookiness

Relaxing with crafts on the high seas

Love a good knitting session? Crazy about crochet? A craft-themed voyage could be the perfect cruising holiday for you. Craft Cruises has something for every type of craft lover, whether you want to knit a blanket, bead a necklace or hand-spin your way through sparkling ocean waters. While it might seem like a niche idea, this is no small market - there are craft-themed cruises to South America, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Hawaii and beyond. Why not set sail to see the world while creating some of your favourite things, all the while enjoying the premium experience that cruising offers? It’s a win-win.

How does it work?

Some large private groups charter a whole ship specifically for the themed experience. In the case of smaller interest groups, usually a number of cabins and event spaces are reserved on a scheduled cruise. This tends to have little impact on regular passengers - though they might notice a few unique things going on around the ship!

Looking for your own holiday at sea with a twist?

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kookier side of cruising. With so many different options available for cruising around Australia and abroad, there is a ship, a destination and a theme to suit almost everyone. Which one will you choose?

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