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Meghan on Dec 28, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Take a Cruise

If you've been toying with the idea of a cruise in the New Year, it's time to take action and book now. Conditions have never been better to tick that dream trip off your list or plan your very first holiday at sea. Here are the top reasons why now is the time to do it:


1.    Boundless choice

Australia-based cruise companies are improving and expanding their existing fleets, while new competition is also eyeing up the region. Demand is growing at an incredible rate and the industry is eager to please. Families, groups, friends, couples, singles - there is something for everyone.

Whether you fancy a short trip on a low-frills hull, extravagant luxury cruising or anything in-between, there is a ship to suit your every want and need.


2.    Once-in-a-lifetime journeys

Itineraries are wildly creative, giving you access to pretty much every corner of the world. Dabble in the cultural tours of Asia, or go further afield to experience Alaska in all its majestic glory.

If you prefer to stay local, circumnavigate the red continent and be a tourist in your own country. Just a bit further out is breathtaking scenery in New Zealand or an island discovery in the Pacific.


3.    Stunning innovation

We are living in the future and cruise ships are kitted out to reflect just how 2015 things really are. Smart check-in processes and interactive maps make getting on and around the ship so much more efficient and fun.

All companies are striving to accommodate to modern desires, such as Wi-Fi access and computer stations, while Royal Caribbean continue to set the pace with novel features such as the Bionic Bar, Virtual Balconies and the glass viewing capsule, North Star.


4.    Improved services

Faced with increasing competition, cruise companies are keen to up the ante in everything they offer, from fantastic dining options and improved boarding techniques to spectacular entertainment shows and free recreational facilities.

P&O for example are eager to debut their buffet-replacing restaurants aboard new ships Aria and Eden, while Royal Caribbean delivers a fantastically-fun, wet-and-wild experience with its new FlowRider facility aboard Voyager - the first surfing simulator of its kind Down Under.


5.    Great prices, so many bargains

Perhaps the most enticing incentive to finally claim a cabin on that cruise you've been putting off is the incredible prices on offer and value for money.

Demand and competition deliver the excellent side-effect of driving down prices, ensuring you get your true money's worth. A cruise offers a vacation that covers accommodation, transportation, entertainment and standard meals at a price that just cannot be beaten. It's quite simply the most cost-effective way to holiday.

Book yours now during our Bucket List Sale and start your year in the best way possible.

Struck with an incurable case of wanderlust many years ago, I have traveled all over the globe determined to see and experience it all. Highlights are an African safari and a Great Barrier Reef diving adventure. From beach to mountains, I love it all! Next to cross of off my list, Antarctica - the last and coldest continent for me to experience. Until then, I’m more than happy exploring the beauty and splendour that is the South Pacific. Inspiring others to travel is what makes me tick, and I hope to help you find your next adventure sooner than later!

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