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Published on Mar 01, 2014

Summer Cruising: Sea, Sun, Ships

Summer Cruising: Sea, Sun, Ships

A summer cruise obviously means different things in different hemispheres! To those in the North, summer is mid-year, and for the Southerners amongst us, it happens from December to February. Whenever the summer may be, a cruise can make it better with access to a pool, no cooking or cleaning, and a series of beautiful beaches and tropical towns to visit.


Summer Cruise Holidays- The North

The Mediterranean and Caribbean in the northern hemisphere are very popular with all cruise lines, as these waterways have a multitude of interesting and scenic port stops in a relatively small area. With amazing destinations such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, St Lucia, Barbados and many, many more islands in the Caribbean and the fascinating cities and islands of France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and North Africa in the Mediterranean, summer cruises will not disappoint. Alaska cruises are another great option for cruises in summer, especially for those who can't deal with the heat- the weather is a bit more mild, and the scenery is spectacular!


The South

In the south, the South Pacific is generally the cruising ground of choice, a great place to cruise in both summer and winter. The area offers an easy getaway, with a variety of island nation within a day or two's distance of the departure points in Australia and New Zealand. The great weather of summer also makes it a great time to explore the Land of the Long White Cloud, as New Zealand is known, because winter cold will make these fascinating cruises less pleasant. P&O Cruises vessels are the most prolific ships in this area.


Antarctica cruises are another option, for those who want a very unique holiday experience. The continent is completely inhospitable in the winter, so the southern summer is the only opportunity to visit it. Specialised expedition ships make this journey, such as the Silver Explorer and the Seabourn Quest.


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