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Visit the landmarks of the world on a cruise ship, and enjoy relaxation and discovery rolled into one holiday.

Visit the landmarks of the world on a cruise ship, and enjoy relaxation and discovery rolled into one holiday.

It's easy to focus on the onboard delights when we sing the praises of cruises, and they are many: balconies with sea views, towel friends appearing on the bed, pools to laze by, a variety of eateries to choose from, organised fun, bars a-plenty, obliging crew and much more. However, there's another aspect of it that's just as exciting, particularly for intrepid cruisers who like to travel as much as they like to holiday. Cruising can take you to a huge range of destinations around the globe, including some of earth's most iconic landmarks and cultural centres. 

With ships plying just about every sizeable ocean or river across the continents, there are so many amazing places that a cruiser can reach by making use of their favourite mode of travel. These are just a few of the amazing spots to cruise to!

Pinnacles of the Pacific

Right in our own backyard, there are destinations that would make any traveler jealous. The vast Pacific Ocean spreads from Australasia across to South America and up to Asia and the east coast of North America, encompassing a huge range of places to see. Here are the highlights that would fit in on any bucket list and can be reached with cruises from Australia:

  • Sydney, Australia: We might take it for granted, but this worldly city is a global icon. It is especially spectacular when viewed from the deck of an arriving cruise ship, thanks to the distinctive Harbour Bridge and Opera House. A wonderful sight to see!


  • Isle of Pines, New Caledonia: We could really choose any of the amazing Melanesian destinations that ships frequent, but this one stands out for its gorgeous pine trees standing tall above white sand beaches and turquoise waters. It's straight out of a holiday brochure.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii: This state capital is the gateway to the rest of beautiful Hawaii, the picture of tropical urbanity with surf beaches, high-rises and a laid-back mentality. It will make for some amazing holiday snaps, that's for certain.


  • Hong Kong, China: Of all the Asian cruise ports dotted along the Pacific Rim, this is probably the most legendary. The hugely busy harbour and buzzing, diverse city will surely make any traveller feel connected to the world at large.

Alaska Amazement

If there ever was an epic journey, an Alaska cruise is it. The northernmost US state is an enigmatic and celebrated place, a worthy addition to anyone's travel list. Seeing the state by ship is an unforgettable way to witness the grandeur of the coasts, inlets, fjords and glaciers for which Alaska is world famous. Which iconic sights might a cruiser expect from an Alaska cruise?

  • Juneau, USA: The state's capital city, located on the shores of the narrow Gastineau Channel, is picturesque and can only be reached by boat or plane, making it somewhat of an exclusive place to have under your belt.

  • Inside Passage: This coastal route amongst many of Alaska's islands brings with it some amazing landscapes, photo opportunities and most importantly, amazing wildlife from whales to bears to bald eagles. This is the Alaska you read about, and the Inside Passage proves it's true!

  • Tracy Arm Fjord: A gorgeous fjord with the Sawyer Glaciers at its terminus, Tracy Arm is a part of most Alaska cruise itineraries for good reason. A trip up this inlet is something to put on your must-do cruise list.

Alaska cruise

Best of the US and Caribbean

North America is still the world's biggest cruise market, and the Caribbean its playground, offering many amazing destinations to adventurous passengers. The East and West coast of the US are packed with iconic ports, and the Caribbean's gorgeous beaches are also the subject of many travel dreams.

  • Los Angeles, USA: The City of Angels needs little introduction. It is a legendary place, and arriving by cruise ship to Long Beach or San Pedro is a memorable and suitable glamorous way to make an entrance. Hello, Hollywood!

  • New York, USA: The Big Apple has a long history of people arriving by ship, so sailing up the Hudson is a time-honoured tradition in which cruisers can participate. What better entrance could one make to this amazing and cosmopolitan city?

New York

  • Bahamas: these islands are a major holiday staple, home to the distinctive Atlantis resort as well as fabulous beaches and piratical histories. The Bahamas are fun for everyone, and just one of the many fantastic destinations of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Panama Canal, Panama: A voyage through this feat of engineering is an amazing experience, and you needn't even leave the ship to get amongst the canal. Marvel at the incredible locks that allow ships to travel between oceans, and put a check on your list of iconic journeys.

Panama Canal

Europe Excellence

From the sunny shores of the Mediterranean to the awe-inspiring fjords of Scandinavia, Europe has always been a fantastic place for a cruise. River cruises have opened up even more options and cities to cruise lovers, and with all the history and culture found here, a journey to the landmark destinations of this continent is more than just a holiday. These are some of the most world-famous and exciting places you could see:

  • Monaco: This city state is the pinnacle of glamour, even when compared to the many other gems on the neighbouring French Riviera. Hit the casino, wander the waterfront and pretend you own one of the superyachts in the marina.


  • Rome, Italy: Although ships dock at the Civitavecchia port, most passengers make the journey to see the iconic city of Rome. It requires no explanation - the Italian capital is full of incredible things to do, see, eat and drink.

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: Croatia's UNESCO-listed city is increasingly making an appearance in trendy travel snaps, and no wonder - it is beautiful! A cruise here will make for some unbelievable memories.


  • London, UK: This amazing English city can feel like the centre of the world, and a quaint village at the same time. It's a place everyone should try to visit at least once, a travel hub and packed with attractions, history and culture.

  • Stockholm, Sweden: Fashionable and stylish, the city built on an archipelago is gaining quite the reputation as a must-see destination, and you can visit it via cruise ship. The old town of Gamla Stan is especially gorgeous, juxtapositioned next to a sharply modern city centre.

  • Fjords of Norway: These are basically the ultimate European cruise destination, combining the history and charm of Norwegian towns with the breathtaking scenery of the inlets and passages that make up Norway's extensive fjords. Don't forget to bring a camera.

Norwegian fjord

Whichever part of our beautiful globe you cruise to, be prepared to be amazed by the things you'll uncover. Take a look at what's on offer and begin your own list of landmarks to tick off, in the South Pacific or beyond!

I have enjoyed visiting as much of the world as possible over the years. Europe and the Mediterranean are personal favourites, but there is so much to see very close to our little Australasian corner of the globe- one of my top travel experiences was snorkeling with tropical fish and turtles in New Caledonia! Cruising is a fantastic way to see it all, and we hope to make booking a cruise easier for both first-timers and old salts. From ship tips to destination news and views, we will keep you up-to-date. Happy cruising!

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