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5 surprising cruise destinations not on your radar

5 surprising cruise destinations not on your radar

One of the most incredible aspects of cruising is exploring new and exotic lands. There is so much of this world we have yet to discover! While top cruising destinations certainly deliver on their promise of memorable holiday experiences, heading to a lesser known cruise port can open up a world of excitement. Wouldn’t you like to chip away at that bucket list with a cruise to a far flung destination?

Here are just five exotic destinations that you can reach by cruise. 

1. Honningsvag

The first question about Honningsvag might not be ‘you can cruise there?’ but rather ‘where is that?’. Honningsvag can be found north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, right at the northern tip of Europe. Its latitude makes it a great place for spotting the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). You can get to this cosy town of brightly coloured houses and just over 2,000 inhabitants, on a Royal Caribbean Arctic Circle Cruise from Copenhagen. 

Take a cruise to Honningsvag and experience the stunning Northern Lights.

2. Budapest

Budapest in Hungary might sound like a strange cruise destination; after all, it’s landlocked - surrounded by no fewer than eight countries. That’s exactly what makes it such a surprising cruise destination, but of course not all cruises are ocean-going. You can take a Jewels of Europe cruise with Scenic that follows the Rhine and Danube Rivers all the way from Amsterdam through bustling cities like Cologne, Nuremberg, and Vienna before reaching Budapest. 

There’s nothing like a river cruise to multiple destinations including Budapest.

3. The Galapagos Islands

They may sound like some far-flung, surreal and exotic destination, and as much as the Galapagos Islands are all of those things, they’re also perfectly accessible by cruise. In fact, cruising is a fantastic way to get around a whole lot of them at once. Starting in Baltra, you can take a week-long Galapagos Inner Loop cruise with Celebrity that stops at 12 different locations and lets you explore plenty of these unique islands where the wildlife rules the land.

Take a week long Galapagos Island cruise and see stunning wildlife.

4. The Azores

The Azores can be found right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, roughly around where you might have placed a fingertip when you played the ‘spin the globe’ game to find your next holiday destination as a child. Extremely remote, The Azores is a lush and wild archipelago that offers everything you could want in a cruise destination, from hiking and canyoning, to whale-watching and diving. You can experience the flawless scenery and untouched landscapes of The Azores on an Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing with Cunard from Fort Lauderdale.

The Azores is a wild location that offers everything you could want in a cruise destination.

5. Antarctica

Many a traveller has wanted to step foot on the most southern, wild and dreamlike destination of them all - Antarctica. Often, the question is: how? Hands down one of the easiest ways to get there is by cruise ship - you can book your spot on the 10-night Antarctica Expedition cruise with Silversea for next summer. This trip is all inclusive and will take you from Ushuaia, Argentina, down to the Antarctic Peninsula where you will encounter epic icebergs, incredible wildlife, and shockingly clear skies above this untouched destination. 

Antarctica is a truly unique cruise holiday experience.

Where in the world do you want to go? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get there on a cruise, so take a look to see if your bucket list destination is accessible by cruise ship.

From party cruises in the Baltic to a classy Cunard voyage, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the full spectrum of cruise life. Onboard you’ll probably find me by the pool with a doorstop sized book in one hand and a mojito in the other, or sampling an array of delicious foods.

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