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Xmas Cruises: Sail through the Season

Published on Mar 01, 2014

Xmas Cruises: Sail through the Season

Xmas Cruises: Sail through the Season

For many people, a Christmas cruise is the definition of a great holiday season. The work is done, the weather is usually great, and the beach is generally involved- what else could one ask for? Whether escaping a cold winter or just avoiding slaving over a hot stove, Christmas cruising is a tempting option.


Family Matters

Although most people consider the holidays to be a time for family, some are glad to escape the hustle, bustle and crowds of the silly season. The appeal of cruising is that you can have it either way- go alone, or bring the whole family! Cruise ships are well-equipped for children, and offer communal dining, entertainment and activities for everybody. There is no need to pack and unpack multiple times, and family cabins and interconnected cabins are often available.


Cruising Christmas Spirit

A Christmas cruise does not require totally abandoning the trappings of the season. Most lines still decorate with trees, tinsel and the works. Carolers stroll the decks on Princess ships, P&O UK passes out presents to all passengers, and P&O Australia often celebrates in true Kiwi and Aussie style with a game of beach cricket. Christmas feasts are put on by most lines, and the children can see Santa. Christmas on a cruise can be just as elaborate and beautiful as one at home- and it's all organised by someone else!


Celebrate the Holidays on Holiday

Obviously, the biggest advantage of a Christmas cruise is the fact that no effort is required. Passengers just have to get on board, unpack and let the magic begin. Food is prepared, the ship is dressed, activities happen and the dishes are washed- all by the cruise crew. This leaves the days free for relaxation or for quality time with family.


Almost all cruise lines offer cruises over Christmas, so the choices are numerous and all cruise lovers can choose their favourite line for their holiday cruise. Cruise Sale Finder has great deals on a wide range of Christmas cruises.

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