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Published on Mar 01, 2014

Cruising Around Australia

Cruising Around Australia



Australia is either the world's largest island or its smallest continent, depending on who you ask. It offers a wide range of cruise ports, from the tropical cities of Darwin and Cairns in the north and the wilderness of Hobart and Tasmania in the south, to isolated and laid-back Fremantle and Perth in the far west. Many cruise lines have itineraries which take in this extraordinary and unique piece of land, some even circumnavigating the entire country.


Around Australia Cruises

Around Australia cruises are not as common as cruises from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to the South Pacific Islands, but they are becoming more popular as a way to explore the Land Down Under.

  • Port stops on these cruises are generally made at the major east coast cities of Sydney and Brisbane, both bold and modern cities with wonderful urban beaches.

  • Itineraries which are taking in the'Bottom End' of Australia will visit stately Melbourne and Adelaide, Hobart, and often the beautiful coast around Albany and Esperance, before heading to Perth which stands alone between the coast and the outback in Western Australia.

  • Cruises taking in the north of the country will enter the tropics, taking in the balmy cities of Cairns and Darwin, as well as smaller ports on the West Coast such as Broome and Port Hedland.

  • Some cruises around Australia cover only the coast from Sydney or Brisbane to Perth, taking either the southern or northern route.

  • However cruises which circumnavigate the country entirely are available- Princess Cruises has a 35-night itinerary which cruises around Australia and New Zealand, and Cunard circumnavigates Australia over 23 nights with an additional stop in Bali, Indonesia.

  • Other cruise lines cover select parts of the country with shorter itineraries- including P&O Australia's Barrier Reef Discovery Cruise which explores tropical Northern Queensland.


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