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Experience more onboard Majestic Princess

Experience more onboard Majestic Princess

Did you know it took three million hours to build Majestic Princess? That’s just one of the awesome facts we found out while exploring the biggest Princess cruise ship to date. After setting sail from Brisbane and spending a couple of days exploring this grand vessel we’ve put together some interesting tidbits we found out during our recent cruise holiday.

Princess Luxury beds onboard Majestic Princess.

1. Having trouble sleeping? If the special Princess Luxury beds developed by sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus don’t work (which I highly doubt), then maybe a scented lavender pillow might help you get your beauty sleep. Just ask your cabin steward and they’ll add a scented pillow to your bed for a good night's rest.  

The Atrium on Majestic Princess.

2. The atrium is the gorgeous heart of the ship. With its stunning blue lighting designs, open airy space and people-watching balconies it’s the perfect place for…  paper plane throwing! Head along to a paper plane class where you make your own plane, stand up on the top floor and set your paper plane soaring through the ship’s open atrium.

Carpet onboard Majestic Princess.

3. Ever felt lost while onboard? Next time you’re outside your cabin, take note of the carpet colour. The opposite side of the ship will have a different colour to help guests remember which side of the ship they’re on. There is blue and red carpet on Majestic Princess.

Swirls ice cream onboard Majestic Princess.

4. There is unlimited ice cream onboard at a small store on the top deck - it’s called Swirls and we LOVED it. You can choose between chocolate, vanilla or a sweet mix of both flavours.

The Majestic Princess docked in Sydney Harbour.

5. She’s a big ship. Did you know Majestic Princess is taller than the Sydney Opera House by 65 metres?

The International Cafe onboard Majestic Princess.

6. The International Café located in the Piazza is open 24 hours a day so you can snack on pastries or get your freshly ground coffee fix anytime.

Art onboard Majestic Princess.

7. The ship features 4,000 different pieces of art hanging about. There is also the famed art auction where guests can purchase beautiful additions for their own space back home.

From unlimited ice cream to paper plane throwing, the Majestic Princess is full of exciting surprises to delight you on your next cruise. This ship is based out of Sydney for 2019 and she’s set for a busy season. Make sure you secure your cabin as soon as possible to experience this indulgence at sea.

Travelling the world one cruise at a time! I'm a massive foodie so onboard a cruise you'll most likely find me scoffing food at the buffet or trying all the cocktails onboard. My dream cruise destination would definitely be through Alaska, the wildlife and scenery would be so epic

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