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There is so much to do onboard the Majestic Princess

There is so much to do onboard the Majestic Princess

Exploring the various levels of a cruise ship is one of my favourite things to do once I step onboard. Making my way up and down each deck, scoping out the restaurants and of course the top deck’s ocean views. After a couple of really amazing days exploring the nooks and crannies of the Princess Cruises Majestic Princess in Brisbane, I discovered a few of the top things you must try while onboard.

Dining at Harmony Restaurant.

1. Feeling curious: Harmony Restaurant

Try the jellyfish starter in specialty restaurant, Harmony. This isn’t a joke, I went completely out of my comfort zone and tried this starter dish as I was feeling adventurous. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it actually was.

The Hollywood Conservatory onboard Majestic Princess

2. Garden Paradise at Hollywood Conservatory

You must visit the beautiful Hollywood Conservatory space (take your bathers too) and marvel at the peacock shaped shrub. Discover the giant chess set or simply peace out in one of the many heated pools or hot tubs.  

3. Soothe your senses in Lotus Spa

A Lotus Spa treatment including the Enclave – Princess’ largest ever thermal suite. I wandered through and was absolutely taken aback at how luxurious this space was. The air was balmy and relaxing - there was even a waterfall shower pouring from the ceiling. It was the perfect oasis onboard to rest and rejuvenate the soul.

The Seawalk onboard Majestic Princess

4. Walk above the rest on the Seawalk

Wander along The Seawalk. At 60 feet long, 128 feet above the waves and extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship, this clear glass walkway offers amazing views of the horizon and ocean waves crashing against the ship below.

The Princess Theatre onboard Majestic Princess.

5. Bright Lights: Princess Theatre

I love a good theatre show, and the Princess Theatre was unlike any other performance space I had seen at sea. The stage setup and 180-degree backdrop screens are pretty awesome, and I really enjoyed the lighting and general atmosphere of the room during the show.

Wakeview Bar onboard Majestic Princess.

6. Watch the world go by at Wakeview Bar

And last but not least, you must order yourself the raspberry margarita on a sunny day at Wakeview Bar. It was absolutely one of my favourite moments while onboard. Not only was this delicious margarita huge (no really, it weighed so much I accidentally tipped some out) but the views and relaxing atmosphere in the open air Wakeview Bar were so blissful.

The beauty of cruising is that you get to try different activities, foods and experiences you may not usually get the chance to try on land. The next time you’re on your cruise holiday open up your senses and get ready to be curious.

This ship is based out of Sydney for 2019 and she’s set for a busy season. Make sure you secure your cabin as soon as possible to experience this indulgence at sea. Go outside your comfort zone and you’ll be so glad that you did. Majestic Princess is ready for adventure… are you?

Travelling the world one cruise at a time! I'm a massive foodie so onboard a cruise you'll most likely find me scoffing food at the buffet or trying all the cocktails onboard. My dream cruise destination would definitely be through Alaska, the wildlife and scenery would be so epic

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