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We’ve got 25 reasons to pick a cruising holiday

We’ve got 25 reasons to pick a cruising holiday

Why is everyone choosing cruise holidays and what is all the fuss be about? For those who have never experienced a cruise vacation, allow us to tell you 25 different reasons why you need to book yourself an adventure at sea.

1. Endless Excursions

Explore new locations at a deeper level with incredible excursions which immerse you in the local life. Depending on the cruise line and the length of your holiday you could be discovering the regional foods in exotic markets in the Mediterranean, learning about the endemic wildlife in the Galapagos Islands or enjoying oysters and wine in Hobart.

2. All You Can Eat (And Drink)

Eat your way throughout the cruise ship’s offerings.

You’ll get to eat some seriously delicious food on your cruise; from cafes, delicious buffets, speciality restaurants to cocktail bars plus more. No matter your budget, diet or preferences there will be something you can happily eat onboard.

3. Entertain Me

The onboard entertainment will be different each day with live music, DJ’s, cooking demonstrations, art auctions, bingo games and evening shows. One highlight is the incredible show Fantastic Journey showing on Majestic Princess. Tiny flying drones hover around onstage like brightly lit fireflies. It’s been called ‘the most technologically advanced show at sea’.

4. Value For Money

Cruise fares include most food and drinks onboard (minus speciality restaurants which are worth every penny and drinks). You’ll also take part in most of the activities onboard, classes and entertainment as part of the package.

5. Ocean Views

Ocean views are all you need on a cruise.

People pay a lot of money for oceanfront views, but with your own balcony cabin, you have them all to yourself. Did we mention the sunsets and sunrises? There’s something quite special about witnessing the sky slowly shifting colour.

6. Onboard Fun

Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Try out the FlowRider next time you’re aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. Walk above the waves on the transparent glass Seawalk or get completely airborne with RipCord by iFly. No matter which cruise line you’re sailing with you’ll have plenty of wild activities to enjoy while on holiday.

7. Experience More

Cruising is possibly the most relaxing and easiest way to see multiple countries in one trip, and you don’t even have to take flights! Cruise your way from port to port knowing everything is taken care of and all you need to do is explore these new exciting places once on land.

8. Great for Groups

Travelling with a group can sometimes have issues especially when no one knows how to pay for the restaurant bill. With differing budgets, it can be difficult, but that’s one of the perks of group cruising: most of your food expenses are included in your ticket.

9. Luxe Life

Once you’ve tasted the luxe life, nothing else will ever live up to a luxurious all-inclusive cruise. If you’ve got the money it’s definitely worth it for an intimate cruising experience on a much smaller cruise ship.

10. Family-friendly Fun

Not only do cruises ships have plenty of entertainment for kids to get involved in, but they also feature fun-filled kids clubs which provide different activities depending on how old your children are. Families can also pick a cruise with plenty of fun port stops along the way to ensure everyone travelling is kept happy.

11. Unpack Once

You’ve checked in, found your cabin and now you’re unpacking - enjoy that process, because it will only happen once. The beauty of cruising is that your cabin often feels more homely than a hotel room because you can completely unpack knowing you don’t have to see that suitcase again until you’re disembarking the vessel.

12. No Cooking or Cleaning

What a relief! You don’t even have to worry about what everyone’s having for dinner OR clean up afterwards. As for your cabin cleanliness, your cabin crew will tidy things up daily and if you have laundry to clean, cruise ships usually offer washing, pressing and dry cleaning services at a cost.

13. Ships of all Sizes

There are all sorts of different cruise ships from large ocean liners to small expedition cruise ships.

Depending on what you’re wanting to get out of your cruise holiday, you’ll find a whole range of different sized ships. From the biggest cruise ship (Symphony of the Seas) to smaller river or expedition cruise ships like Celebrity Flora.

14. River Cruises

Get the best of both worlds with a river cruise. You’ll visit exotic, landlocked cities while enjoying the surroundings of a smaller, more intimate cruise ship. We love the idea of cruising down the Rhine River stopping in at German ports like Cologne, or the Black Forest.

15. Easy to Plan

This is the number one reason our repeat customers mention on social media: a cruise is the easiest holiday ever because it requires minimal planning. Book your cruise, then jump onboard and you’re ready to relax into your vacation straight away as everything is taken care of.

16. Floating Cities

Food, drink, entertainment, ocean views, shopping, WiFi, swimming pools and a safe cabin to rest your head at night. Cruise ships these days come equipped with all you’ll ever need while relaxing at sea.

17. Reigniting Romance

Get married on cruise ship is so romantic.

Cruising is a popular option for guests to pop that special question to their loved one, getting married, renewing wedding vows and celebrating special family milestones. We love that so many people get to experience these amazing occasions at sea.

18. Themed Cruises

Depending on your interests, you can cruise for all sorts of reasons these days. If you're an avid sports fan there are cruises which are themed around State of Origin and the Melbourne Cup. Foodies will love the Food & Wine cruises and those interested in eco-tourism and preserving natural wildlife can take special cruises around the Galapagos Islands.

19. High Tech

Ships are getting more high tech and personalised - have you used one of the new wearable Ocean Medallions? Book with specific Princess Cruises ships and you’ll receive one of these highly personalised devices which helps to deliver a seamlessly innovative experience before and during your cruise.

20. Just Relax

Wakeview bars are one of the best spots on any cruise for relaxing.

Picture this: you’re relaxing on the top deck, cocktail in hand, the sun is shining and the shimmering pool is reflecting back at you. The beauty of cruising is that you don’t have to physically do ANYTHING if you don’t want to. Just relax, you deserve some ‘you’ time.

21. Interesting People

Your cruise will be filled with like-minded people who all love cruising, so you’re bound to find people who have similar interests. Try sitting next to strangers at dinner or during a show and striking up a conversation. You’re bound to leave the ship with new friends.

22. Time to Disconnect

A cruise holiday is one of the best ways you can truly switch off in this digital age. Luckily the WiFi at sea isn’t AS strong as on land! For those who need to stay in touch with those back home, there are affordable wifi packages available for the duration of your cruise.

23. No Flights

The beauty of the cruise is that you don’t even have to take a flight.

Millions of cruisers live within driving distance of a port which means you can easily get to your next cruise without taking a flight.

24. Mobility Friendly

Cruise ships have a number of wheelchair friendly rooms for cruisers who have limited mobility. Passengers with disabilities can feel comfortable knowing they have a fully accessible room.

25. Affordability

It’s true, you can spend big or as little as you want. Cruises for $100 per night or less, or more luxurious (and all-inclusive) cruises like

Phew, how did we do? We could have carried on but you get the point - cruising ticks SO MANY boxes and really is the ultimate holiday for everyone. If you’ve cruised before, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about, but for those who are yet to try a cruise holiday... what are you waiting for?

You’re now clued up with 25 different reasons to try an epic cruise holiday.

Travelling the world one cruise at a time! I'm a massive foodie so onboard a cruise you'll most likely find me scoffing food at the buffet or trying all the cocktails onboard. My dream cruise destination would definitely be through Alaska, the wildlife and scenery would be so epic

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