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First cruise: What do I need to pack?

Published on Mar 12, 2015

First cruise: What do I need to pack?

If you're heading out on your first cruise, you probably have a lot of questions, including what you need to bring. Well we've taken the guesswork out of packing for your cruise with the following invaluable tips:

It goes without saying that your boarding documents are the most important items you require when heading to embarkation. If your ship is scheduled for any foreign ports, you'll need a passport for every passenger, no matter what age they are and regardless of if you plan to get off the ship. All passports must be valid for at least six months after the final date of your cruise, which is a strict rule imposed by all cruise lines to keep you safe overseas. Many people slip on this, so double-check the passport dates.

For passengers making their way around the shores of their home country, no passport is required, but you will need photo identification to board. This can include a driver's licence, Medicare cards and other government-issued documents.

Obviously your clothing will depend on the weather in your chosen destinations. But just pack your normal attire to wear during the day and follow these do's and don'ts for everything else!


  • Pack comfortable shoes: You'll find yourself spending a lot of time strolling around the ship to take everything in, as well as onshore when exploring the different ports. A pair of comfortable sandals or sneakers are perfect for these sorts of activities, so pack at least one pair.
  • Bring a few 'smart casual' outfits: When dining in the restaurants, passengers are required to cover up a little. Collared shirts and cocktail dresses aren't a necessity, but you will need to change out of your stubbies, crop tops and jandals when entering the dining areas. Tidy T-shirts, longer shorts and dresses, clean sandals and shoes are all fine for these smart casual areas.
  • Pack a formal outfit or two: On most cruises there will be at least one formal night that invites all passengers to dress in suits and dresses. Don't be caught short, make sure you have something elegant and smart to wear for these evenings.


  • Wear heels: This is a bit of a safety precaution as the outdoor decks can be a little slippery or have small gaps between the decking planks. Swap your stilettos for wedges for the same look without the risk.

Other items
Multi-plug boards are not allowed on most cruise lines and will be confiscated at embarkation, along with items such as hairdryers and other electrical appliances. If there is anything specific you wish to take on board, contact our Cruise Sale Finder consultants prior to departure for more information.

Depending on the origin of the ship you are boarding, electrical plugs may be designed for foreign appliances. Investing in a universal adaptor is a must, as the different ships generally have either US, UK or AU plug sockets.
There is no limit to the size or number of bags you wish to take on board, but also appreciate that the more items you carry, the less room you will have in your cabin! Also bear in mind that airlines do have limits, so if you are boarding any flights during your journey, pack to their sizing limitations to avoid additional charges.


Passports and boarding passes
Appliances require a universal plug
Clothing suitable for on board, including daytime comfort, smart casual, and formal.
Keep an eye on your bag size and weight

If you can remember the above, then you will have all of the essentials to enjoy an incredible time aboard one of the many ships sailing our seas. Enjoy! Cruises from Australia include destinations such as New Zealand, South Pacific islands and Southeast Asia.

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