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Drift away with these great cruise lines

Drift away with these great cruise lines

There are two types of holidays, for two types of holidaymakers. Some like a trip with plenty of activities and new experiences, taking advantage of free time to pack in as much as possible. Others take advantage of the free time to chill out and enjoy a break!

Both perspectives are equally valid, but in this post we are focusing on the relaxed kind of holiday, with time for lounging, pampering and doing as little as possible. Let’s face it - even the most active of travellers could do with one of those every now and then. These cruise lines can offer a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Relax on your next cruise ship holiday.

Celebrity Cruises

There is something tranquil and calming about beautiful, elegant surroundings, and Celebrity Cruises provides just that. The upscale line is all about modern luxury and offers impeccable service so you’ll feel like there’s nothing for you to do but relax and enjoy wonderful food, the incredible spa facility and everything else onboard their beautiful ships. There is even a real grass lawn where you can sit and enjoy the ocean air!

The Celebrity Solstice spends a lot of time in the South Pacific, at the service of Kiwi and Aussie cruisers. Take a look at her itineraries to find a relaxing cruise holiday that suits you.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

If you’re in the mood to splash out on your relaxing cruise holiday, consider this incredible luxury line. You’ll have to fly to Tahiti to get onboard, but the stress of the flight will wash away once you sail out on the French Polynesian seas. The setting is amazing, and so is the ship - the Paul Gauguin is an intimate vessel designed specifically for its environment. Fantastic service is a hallmark of Paul Gauguin, and the inclusive fares mean you need not stress about getting out your wallet to pay for extras. The ship has a watersports marina so you can enjoy the ocean without even going ashore first.

Get onboard the Paul Gauguin with a fly/cruise package and prepare to be so relaxed you might just melt into a puddle.

Princess Cruises

This affordable and beloved cruise line won’t break the bank but will deliver a wonderfully relaxing cruise. It’s known as the “Love Boat line”, and has a romantic reputation that makes it ideal for couples to chill out together. The low-key enrichment programs, top-notch spa facilities, elegant decor and excellent service make Princess a fantastic line for anyone seeking a bit of peace.

Some of our team recently experienced a very relaxing experience on the Majestic Princess, and that’s just one of the many Princess ships that sail in the South Pacific.

Book a couples massage on a relaxing cruise line.


If the time to relax and enjoy the rhythms of shipboard life are what you are seeking, try Cunard. While it offers great destinations like your typical cruise line, there are also ocean passages available - like the line’s famous transatlantic crossings - during which you can simply enjoy the sea air and beautiful ship. The signature “White Star Service” will make you feel spoilt, and the activities available will provide something to pass your time should you wish to leave your balcony or the lounger by the pool. Ballroom dancing is a fun evening activity to put on your list and a Cunard classic.

For a relaxing journey that will take you back to the heyday of glamorous ocean travel, book an ocean passage on one of the Cunard fleet. The Queen Elizabeth often comes Down Under.

Ready to relax? Take a look at these and other cruise lines on Cruise Sale Finder and find your escape.

From party cruises in the Baltic to a classy Cunard voyage, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the full spectrum of cruise life. Onboard you’ll probably find me by the pool with a doorstop sized book in one hand and a mojito in the other, or sampling an array of delicious foods.

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