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The guardians of the cruise industry

The guardians of the cruise industry

Understanding the many roles of CLIA

You may have seen their badge on cruise websites or heard them mentioned in connection with the industry, but what is CLIA and what do they actually do?

Cruise Lines International Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation working hard behind the scenes, representing more than 60 member cruise lines from around the world. First established in 1975 in North America, it is the biggest trade association of its type and promotes the interests of cruise lines, customers and agents.


A focus on safety, security and professionalism

Advocating on behalf of its member lines to international regulatory organisations is one of CLIA's major roles. It allows the industry to speak in a unified voice on issues such as environmental impact, maritime policies and cruise ship safety. It also serves as a non-government consultative organisation to the International Maritime Organisation. Keeping guests and crew safe and secure is a priority. CLIA help maintain the amazingly high standards of cruise travel, so people keep coming back for more.

Previously the International Cruise Council Australasia, Australasia's branch of CLIA is becoming increasingly busy as it works to promote a cruise industry expanding exponentially. According to the latest CLIA cruise passenger statistics, Australia and New Zealand are the biggest growth markets in the world, experienceing 20 per cent and 23 per cent growth respectively in 2013. Through initiatives such as the annual Cruise Week campaign, delivering a local cruise industry conference (Cruise3sixty), the cruise industry awards, travel agent accreditation and consulting on maritime policy, CLIA Australasia is playing an integral role in the growth of cruising. 


Cruise holiday experts you can trust

There is a cruise for everyone, but it takes knowledgeable and passionate cruise agents to connect the two. For this reason, CLIA Australasia invest heavily in training programs for cruise consultants in Australia and New Zealand. The association offers an accreditation program for agents, which in turn gives clients an assurance of quality and credibility. To receive CLIA Australasia accreditation, agents must gain 100 credits, obtained through training sessions, ship inspections and cruises. More than 20,000 travel agencies are CLIA affiliated worldwide, while CLIA-accredited cruise consultants are trusted and very highly regarded.

Awards for industry professionals are another way CLIA promotes excellence. Rewarding achievements by agents and agencies, the Australasian Cruise Industry Awards are an important event on the calendar. Categories include Cruise Agency of the Year, Cruise Consultant of the Year and the CLIA Hall of Fame Award. Another big event for cruise professionals is the Cruise3sixty conference, the only official cruise industry conference presented by CLIA. Australasia hosted its first Cruise3sixty in 2014, and another is taking place in Sydney in February 2015. 

With CLIA looking after cruise travel, the industry is in very safe hands.

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