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Last-minute cruises, everything you need to know

Published on Jan 22, 2015

Last-minute cruises, everything you need to know

Last-minute cruising made easy

Travelling on a cruise ship has never been more popular and last-minute cheap cruises are a wonderful way of making huge cash savings, while still enjoying the holiday of a lifetime on the ocean wave. Many experienced travellers often book well in advance, but the last-minute cruise is having a huge impact on the industry, as major lines look to offload unsold tickets or late cancellations. So here are some handy Cruise Sale Finder tips for booking last-minute cruises from Brisbane, Sydney, or your location of choice!


P&O, Royal Caribbean, the choice is yours

Whether it's P&O, Royal Caribbean, Princess or Carnival, you can find special deals for cruise holidays. While some are planned, military-style operations, a last-minute trip can be incredibly exciting -and that's where cruising comes in. So many ships operate last-minute deals, you can often grab a bargain and be sailing within a matter of weeks.


Flexibility key to your cruise holiday

Many cruise travellers have specific requirements for their holidays, whether it's a balcony room or a special itinerary with tours all booked up. However, if you can be flexible cruising is definitely for you. Room and cabin options may be limited, but if the excitement of being on a ship is your main priority, then grab yourself a bargain.


Buyer beware, essential points to remember

While you can often save plenty of money with a last-minute cruise, there are of course drawbacks. So ask yourself some key questions:

  • Is the standard of room/cabin really important to you?

Remember that booking last-minute space means you're getting the last available cabins. A guarantee status means you know what type of room you are getting, but not WHERE you are located. Perhaps you will be close to the laundry or casino. Of course your cabin will be comfy, but you may not like the neighbours!

  • Are you travelling in a group and do you want to be together?

If there's a number of you wanting to get a cruise deal, you may be split up in terms of where your cabins are located. These are very big ships, so you could have a bit of a walk from cabin to cabin.

  • Does it bother you if certain dining options and excursions are booked up?

It's very much a first-come, first-served basis on a cruise holiday, so many passengers reserve dinner seats before they get onboard. Some popular excursions may also be booked up, so you could miss out or require flexibility with times, especially with the shore tours.

  • Are you prepared to compromise on terms and conditions?

Understandably those who book their cruise way in advance are given more favourable terms and conditions, such as a five-day hold and more reasonable cancellation terms. A last-minute cruise deal may not offer such perks and your T&Cs may vary. Again, flexibility is the key.


Short or long cruises

There's such a variety of cruise itineraries, you can pick and choose the perfect voyage to accommodate your available time. Perhaps a seven-night Celebrity Caribbean cruise from San Juan, or a two-week Princess tour of South America? Australia and New Zealand are hugely popular for cruisers, with P&O SeaBreaks offering shorter, three- or four-night trips. Whatever your requirements, Cruise Sale Finder has the perfect last-minute deal for you.


Move quickly so you don't miss out

Once cruise lines make their last call for travellers to cancel their existing reservations, then last-minute cruises will become available. This time period is around 60-90 days before departure, but there are still holidays in the last few weeks before departure. Just check regularly online at Cruise Sale Finder for the best deals.


Airfare or driving to the port

Of course, what you have to remember is your departure port. Do you have your heart set on a cruise or another town or even country? If so, then you must make sure you can book a flight for your last-minute holiday. Are there still seats available or will the flight cost take the trip over-budget? If you are driving to your ship, it makes the search process a lot easier. Check out public holidays or special events around the time you wish to travel. Travel prices may be higher than you expect.

So, are you still interested in a bargain last-minute cruise? Well, Cruise Sale Finder has literally dozens of deals online. Get in touch and bag yourself a fantastic ocean holiday.

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  • Jan 22, 2015 by Violy Johnson

    I noticed your N/Zealand cruise 11 nights twin cabin is cheaper than quad. Is that correct or you made an error?