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Published on Mar 01, 2014

The Joys Of Group Cruising

The joys of group cruising

The group cruise is a unique holiday adventure and can take many forms. From the small number of, say, eight passengers in four cabins, all the way up to more than 100 for a business trip. Basically it's a fantastic way of bringing people together and sharing the journey of a lifetime. And as long as you plan ahead, it can be a truly memorable experience.


Who goes group cruising?

  • Stag and hen parties
  • Families (sometimes it's a traditional package that's taken every year)
  • Birthday or wedding celebrations
  • School reunion / Special event
  • School trips
  • Business groups

In terms of traditional group cruising, the family voyage is quite common. It's an option for young and old, proving that it's not just Christmas when the clan can get together. The older generation is able to relax in a stunning location with their nearest and dearest close by. There are no long and arduous plane trips involved, and the history of ocean travel often resonates with those of a senior disposition. Another fantastic advantage to the group cruise is that the whole family can muck in and help out. It's not just the responsibility of mum and dad to look after granny. Everyone pulls together, allowing some welcome time for everyone when they need it.


The cost-effective holiday

For obvious reasons, groups of friends are drawn to the cruise idea. Stag dos and hen nights are a particular favourite. In fact, ship operators around the world now offer cheap deals and discounts depending on the numbers involved.

When a number of people go travelling together, there is often an issue with paying for restaurant bills and bar tabs. Everyone is working to a different budget, but the group cruise solves that problem. The expense of food is all covered by the ticket, so you can imbibe and indulge all you want, at your own pace.

There are, of course, many other types of people who travel in a group out to sea. These range from a school reunion, to a special birthday trip, wedding party, or a holiday for those with disabilities. Major companies have all the facilities in place to offer piece of mind. And it's this versatility that makes the group cruise so appealing.


Why go group cruising?    

  • Price
  • Diversity of entertainment
  • Freedom
  • Bringing the family together
  • A unique experience
  • Catering for all types of people, young and old

Cruise Sale Finder has hundreds of deals on offer, often with special gratuities thrown in. Depending on how many cabins are booked, you may get an extra one free, or on-board credits. Check online for the very best deal that suits your group. 

The cruise ship industry is forever developing new ideas for entertainment, in order to encourage all generations to travel. High-end cruisers often provide numerous bars and restaurants, with a casino, cinema and heated spas and swimming pools thrown in. But rest assured, no matter what ship you travel on, there will be plenty for you and your group to do. Dancing, drinking, relaxing, playing or just sleeping... Everything is covered.

You can devise special itineraries, both for on the ship and when you land in different cities. It's this variety of entertainment that makes the group cruise so unique and special.

While the idea of being on a ship can appear somewhat restrictive, nothing could be further from the truth. With so much space available, individuals can choose to stay within the group, or break away and follow their own path. You also get to visit new towns and cities when you dock. This allays any fears of cabin fever and gives you yet more holidaying options, places to see and things to do. 

In conclusion, group cruising is an ever-growing industry, and there's bound to be an itinerary that suits your crew down to the ground. You could grab a last minute deal to go on a short break cruise or maybe discover the South Pacific islands... Watherver cruise you like, Cruise sale Finder has it covered!


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