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Are you a planner? See why cruise holidays are right for you!

Are you a planner? See why cruise holidays are right for you!

Are you the ultimate ‘planner’ when it comes to holidays? Do you prefer to be doing something proactive or engaging instead of simply lounging on a beach? Many Type A personalities find it difficult to relax on vacation and would rather actively enjoy their surroundings. These same types like to be organised, knowing exactly which activities will be happening and when. Cruise holidays are the perfect solution to enjoy some time off, but keep you busy exploring new places on a timely schedule.

It’s important to find the right cruise ship to match your preferences. Read on as we dish out top tips for booking the perfect cruise for your Type A tendencies.

Tip #1: Book a cruise with many stops
Cruises are boring with too much downtime? That’s a myth! Spend more of your time off the ship than on it when you book a cruise with multiple ports on Cruise Sale Finder. This will allow you to stop in a new exciting place almost every day. Try a tour of Australia and New Zealand on Norwegian's Jewel making 8 stops in 13 days. Wake up at a new port almost every morning with a new city to explore. Try P&O’s Fiji Adventure on Pacific Jewel visiting 7 islands in two weeks. If long cruises don’t sound like your cup of tea, try our next recommended tip; shorter trips.

Auckland’s Orakei Wharf shines in the streetlights

Tip #2: Shorter cruises
Worried about feeling anxious with too many days at sea? Try a weekend long cruise to test out a cruise holiday. Royal Caribbean offers sampler 2-3 night cruises from Sydney on Voyager of the Seas or try one of Princess’ Australia Getaway Cruises that travel to Melbourne or Airlie Beach for 3 or 4 nights. These are great options to test out cruise holidays before jumping into a longer voyage.

Tip #3: Plan out your days

Prior to boarding
If you love organised schedules, take time to plan your days in advance.

Your ship
Did you know that on some cruise ships you can organise certain activities online well in advance of your departure? Read up on your chosen ship to get to know all the hot spots you’ll want to hit and which activities you can book in advance. On the ships that allow it, log in to your cruise account to book specialty restaurants, entertainment options and more.

Planned excursions
Type A personalities tend to prefer organised schedules with little time wasted. Cruise ships make it easy by providing a list of shore excursions well ahead of time, most often with the opportunity to book online. Plan to join a city tour, go hiking in the Blue Mountains, scuba dive with sea turtles, kayak, zipline, take a cultural tour and so much more. You can plan these far enough in advance that you’ll even have time to prepare your attire (and back up attire in case of bad weather).

While onboard
Each night, the cruise line delivers an itinerary for the next day featuring onboard activities and events - a planner’s dream. Catch live entertainment shows including off-broadway, comedy and dancing competitions (read about the best shows on the water). For those who love competition, join a Top Chef at Sea cook-off on Celebrity cruise line or join a scavenger hunt like the Quest Game Show on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. Whatever it is you do, you can plan it out the night before with the ship’s daily guide.

A couple dances the night away

Tip #4: Fill in the blanks
At some point during the trip, you might have some down time on the ship. But you can even plan for this! Blow off some steam at top-notch gym facilities or go for a run around the track. Rock climb or try a high-ropes course on Norwegian cruise lines. Spend a couple hours at the spa, or challenge friends to a game of minigolf, basketball or surfing. Cabin fever doesn’t exist on the cruise ships of today.

Before you can plan out your whole cruise, you need to pick one. Try out our Cruise Personality Test to narrow down your options and learn about ship sizes to help make your decision. Still not sure? Feel free to reach out to our cruise specialist team if you have any questions.

I have enjoyed visiting as much of the world as possible over the years. Europe and the Mediterranean are personal favourites, but there is so much to see very close to our little Australasian corner of the globe- one of my top travel experiences was snorkeling with tropical fish and turtles in New Caledonia! Cruising is a fantastic way to see it all, and we hope to make booking a cruise easier for both first-timers and old salts. From ship tips to destination news and views, we will keep you up-to-date. Happy cruising!

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