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Kristof on Dec 02, 2015

Cheap cruises provide novel holiday choice for foodies

Although a lot of us spend the majority of the year watching our waistlines and resisting the temptation to enjoy every delectable dish that comes our way, holidays are a great excuse to take a little break from being strict and sensible, and just enjoy the amazing flavours that the world has to offer. Unfortunately restaurant bills can start to add up pretty quickly, but there's a more affordable option that many foodies would never even think of: cheap cruises.

While cruise cuisine hasn't always been a huge hit with food aficionados, the rapidly increasing popularity of cruising has sparked a major rethink in how cruise lines do food - and the results are pretty impressive. Now it's possible to enjoy a vacation that combines travel, leisure and delicious dining options, without breaking the bank. See below for a sneak preview of the kind of mouthwatering morsels you can expect aboard some our most beloved cruise lines.

Food on a cruise

Royal Caribbean

A new era has dawned in cruise dining - one which puts the power back in the hands of the diner. There's far more emphasis on flexibility and choice, but some still prefer the more traditional option of dining at the same time every night. Royal Caribbean lets you choose whichever suits you best.
Although the exact line up of eateries will vary a little from ship to ship, if you jump aboard one of Royal Caribbean's cheap cruises, you're likely to come across most of these cuisine highlights over the course of your voyage.

Chops Grille
Putting a contemporary spin on time honoured steakhouse fare, Chops Grille will satisfy your cravings for high quality surf and turf. Succulent seafood and sizzling seared steak are the mainstays here, complemented by a tasty starter menu of soups and salads that will have your stomach rumbling as soon as you pick up the menu.

Blending fresh flavours, exotic spices and an exquisite sense of style, Silk presents a tastefully balanced menu inspired by the rich and varied flavours of Asia. Combining diverse culinary traditions can be a tricky proposition but it's one that Silk handles with aplomb, effortlessly offering a sophisticated selection that packs a flavourful punch but still leaves you feeling light and refreshed when you're finished.

With an emphasis on serving exciting, innovative dishes in an elegantly modern setting, Chic is the perfect choice for those hunting for cutting edge cuisine. Offering appetizers, entrees and desserts, this boldly contemporary option gives you chance to indulge in a truly special pre- or post-dinner treat, or just enjoy a delicious light meal.

Dining at both Silk and Chic is included in your cruise fare, while Chops Grille is a specialty option that will cost a little extra (but is totally worth it).

Dragon Lady restaurant

P&O Australia

P&O has gone to great lengths to bring their food up to the sterling standard expected by contemporary cruise lovers. P&O is known for offering great deals on cruises with a clear focus on fun and entertainment, and while partying may be high on your list of things to do aboard a P&O cruise, you'll want to refuel eventually. Variety is king when it comes to P&O eateries, with at least eight different dining experiences available onboard each ship. Keep an eye out for these beloved venues on your next voyage:

The Pantry
Buffets can be a little boring, so P&O decided to go one better and create a lively, food market-style space called the Pantry. Catering to a wide variety of cravings and preferences, diners can choose from such diverse options as traditional English fish and chips at Hook's, Central American delights at Mexicana and sweet treats at the Sugar Bar.

Dragon Lady
As soon as you walk into this restaurant you'll be greeted by a cool and mysterious setting, perfectly suited to the sophisticated blend of Asian cuisine that Dragon Lady offers. Elegance is key in both setting and presentation, and the intoxicating flavours of the world's most diverse continent burst forth to shine as the true stars amidst the restrained surroundings.

You'd be hard pressed to find a country more passionate about great food than Italy, and Angelo's reflects that passion in its lovingly crafted traditional dishes that shine with a delightfully modern twist. The soul-warming dishes on offer will leave you with sated taste buds and a gentle glow in your belly. Angelo's is the upscale offering that P&O cruisers have been waiting for.

The many different options available at the Pantry are all included in your cruise fare - you'll have to pay a bit more when you enjoy the specialty restaurants of Dragon Lady and Angelo's.

Guy's Burger Joint


When you want instant gratification, Carnival is a cruise line that is more than happy to accommodate you. It's quick and easy to get your teeth into mouth-watering morsels of all varieties - this isn't a cruise line that stands on ceremony. That doesn't mean that the food on offer is anything less than amazing. Carnival is also something of a specialist when it comes to offering cheap cruises, so for a thrifty foodie holiday check out Carnival's tasty options.

Guy's Burger Joint
In an effort to offer the best burgers at sea, Carnival has teamed up with restaurateur and celebrity chef Guy Fieri - and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Situated poolside for maximum convenience, Guy's Burger Joint serves delicious, no-nonsense burgers and hand-cut fries. You can even head to the toppings bar to really make each burger your own.

Bonsai Sushi
It's not uncommon to find sushi spots onboard cruise ships, but Bonsai really goes the extra mile. These beautifully crafted seafood creations are a treat for the eyes as well as the palate - and sushi isn't the only thing on the menu here. Soups, sides, desserts - even sake - are all available at this a la carte eatery. Whether you're hunting for a tasty lunch or a no-fuss dinner, Bonsai Sushi has you covered.

BlueIguana Cantina
It beggars belief that the Mexican food served up by the BlueIguana Cantina is included in your cruise fare, but there you have it: one of the top cuisine highlights in the entire fleet can be enjoyed at no extra cost. This is casual dining at its best - burritos bursting with flavour, which can be modified and enhanced to create the Mexican morsel of your dreams. The selection of optional extras is extremely generous, giving you full creative freedom... Tasty, tasty freedom.

Bonsai Sushi, as mentioned above, is an a la carte eatery though the prices are extremely reasonable for the food on offer. Both Guy's Burger Joint and the BlueIguana Cantina are fully covered by your cruise fare.

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While I’m no cruise veteran, I do have a deep love for travel and fond memories of a certain Baltic cruise I went on many years ago… I think cruising is the ideal way to make sure there are no boring bits in your trip - why waste your holiday enduring arduous air journeys when you can cut through the waves in style and comfort?

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