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There has been an upsurge in recent years of families taking to the high seas together - find 
out what it's like to go cruising with kids.

There has been an upsurge in recent years of families taking to the high seas together - find out what it's like to go cruising with kids.

A cruising holiday provides the ultimate in leisure and relaxation, so at first glance it may seem a little counterintuitive to bring children along - after all, they're not famous for being the most relaxing individuals to be around - but once you start looking into it a little more, it quickly becomes apparent that there are some very good reasons for the boom in family cruising. An increase family focus from lines like P&O Cruises, Carnival and Royal Caribbean is just one small part of the story - below small sampling of the many benefits of cruising with kids:

1. It's cost effective
Bet you didn't expect cheap cruises to be one of the reasons. Yes, as odd as it sounds, cruising can actually be the financially smart choice for a family holiday. The key to cruising's economic nature is the fact that so many things are included in the upfront cruise fare. Transportation? Check. Accommodation? Check. Food? Entertainment? Check, check. Although there can be extra charges around things like shore excursions, specialty restaurants or gratuities, the fact remains that the majority of your costs will be covered before you even embark.

2. There's something for everyone
One of the trickiest parts of family holidays is finding places to go and things to do that everyone can agree on. A cruising holiday is your friend here, because it conveniently provides entertainment and activities for everyone. Some cruises from Australia are better suited for adults of course but there are plenty of lines that specialise in family cruising, offering activities to suit every age group.

3. The perfect balance of family time vs individual freedom
In many ways, a road trip is a fantastic family vacation idea, but it does have a few drawbacks - one of which is the fact that it's hard to escape each other's company. A family cruising holiday allows each family member to go off by themselves (as long as they're old enough to be wandering around unsupervised!) and do their own thing, as well as providing many opportunities for group family fun: the perfect recipe for family harmony and lasting memories.

4. It's all laid on for you
Family holidays are often amazing experiences for children, but as parents who are responsible for all the travel arrangements and making sure the kids are taken care of, it can be much less relaxing. With cruises though, all that responsibility just melts away. No more worrying about where to go, or what to make for dinner or even how to keep track of your kids. Many cruise lines offer excellent children's programs which relieve you of your role as grand entertainer and event organiser. Meals just magically happen with no input from you. And you get to go to bed and wake up to a new horizon, no effort required!

5. Minimal packing and planning are required
Finally, cruising has to be one of the easiest ways holiday when it comes to preparation. Sure, you have to book your cruise and pack a few things for the journey before you embark but after that it's all plain sailing. No need to repack when you set out for a new location or fuss about figuring out an itinerary or getting lost along the way. All that hassle and stress aren't even a factor on a cruising holiday. When you're hunting for a family holiday that's as simple and easy as possible, it's hard to go past cruises.

To find a cruise that's ideal for your family vacation, take a look at our article that explores the pros and cons of each major line in regard to kids and family cruisers.

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