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Published on Mar 01, 2014

Cruises to Vanuatu: A Trip to the Tropics

Cruises to Vanuatu: A Trip to the Tropics

Vanuatu is an island nation, an archipelago made up of a grand total of 83 islands in the South Pacific. The beautiful islands' white-sand beaches and charming towns which make up the country are a major pull for cruisers. Vanuatu cruises are fast becoming a common itinerary for many of the major lines.

There are no cruises from Vanuatu as it has no major cities, but many cruises to the island nation, most of which come from Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland. P&O Australia is the most-spotted cruise line in the area, but Princess, Carnival (primarily the Carnival Spirit) and Royal Caribbean also have itineraries which take in Vanuatu and wider French Melanesia.


The Ports: Vanuatu's Tourism Hotspots

  • The biggest port in Vanuatu is Port Vila, a lovely harbour town which is the capital of the country. Ships dock at the commercial pier which is about 5 kilometres from the centre of town. Taxis are the best option for getting into the town centre, and there are always some lined up at the pier when ships come in. The town itself is a chilled place where you can shop the markets, embark on a fun shore tour or just watch the fishing boats come and go.

  • Mystery Island is another popular place for ships to call in. Uninhabited and idyllic, the island is a tender port, so the ship docks offshore. Locals from neighbouring islands visit to sell handicrafts and play traditional music while ships are in. This island is the place to relax and enjoy the South Pacific, as there is nothing much else to do. Compulsory relaxation!

  • Other destinations in Vanuatu include the beautiful and secluded beaches of Wala and Champagne Bay. These are all also tender ports, and tenders will take cruise passengers to the palm tree paradise onshore. Wala has some excellent snorkeling opportunities, a traditional village tour and plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy whilst lying on the beach. Champagne Bay and the island of Espiritu Santo offer the beautiful sweeping beach, the wreck of the Grand SS President Coolidge as a dive hotspot, and some lovely bush trails. P&O Cruises often offer beach volleyball games there, and Royal Caribbean have some great shore tours including horse riding and sports fishing.


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