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Destination Pacific: Pacific Cruise Deals for Everyone

Published on Mar 01, 2014

Destination Pacific: Pacific Cruise Deals for Everyone

Destination Pacific: Pacific Cruise Deals for Everyone

The Pacific is the largest of the earth's oceans, extending from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean, and from Asia and Australia in the west to the Americas in the east. It is a wonderful cruising playground, with varied coastlines and numerous islands and nations to visit- many of them tropical. Pacific Island cruises have a lot to offer!


The Islands: South Pacific and Beyond

  • Hawaii is one of the favourite Pacific cruise destinations, especially for cruise lines cruising out of North America. From the city of Honolulu to the sparsely inhabited island of Kauai, Hawaii has something for everybody. The trip from mainland United States takes several days, but cruising the stunning volcanic islands is well worth the sea days!

  • Australia and New Zealand could be considered the biggest of the South Pacific islands! These island nations (although some consider Australia a continent) offer some amazing scenery, interesting flora and fauna, laid-back locals and beautiful swimming beaches. Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne add a bit of urban flair to a South Pacific cruise, and New Zealand's Milford and Doubtful Sounds offer spectacular scenery to rival that of Alaska. New Zealand and Australia offer a different take on a South Pacific cruise!

  • The South Pacific tropical islands are where some of the best Pacific cruises can be found. Tahiti and French Polynesia are beautiful volcanic islands which host plenty of cruise ships. Transpacific cruises often stop in there, and the Paul Gauguin cruise line is Tahiti-focused, with the MS Paul Gauguin specially built to cruise the shallow waters of the more remote islands.

  • Moving east, there are the wonderful atolls and cultures of the Pasifika nations including Tonga, Fiji and Niue, and then the beautiful French Melanesia.

  • New Caledonia and Vanuatu are very popular cruise locations, thanks to their proximity to Australia and also their stunning beaches, culture fusion and welcoming inhabitants. South Pacific cruises from Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne often visit these countries.


On the Edge: Pacific Rim Cruising

As well as the beautiful islands, rimming the Pacific are many mainland destinations. These range widely,  from the bustling cities of Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and other cities in Asia to glamorous Los Angeles, spectacular Alaska, and vibrant Central and South America. Pacific Ocean cruises can take you all over, considering the body of water covers about one third of earth's total surface.

Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam are slowly becoming cruise destinations as they open up more to tourism in general. These can offer an exciting and adventurous port stop! Japan is also on the up, with major cruise line Princess basing two ships there.

On the Americas side of things, Alaska is of course a favourite. Many of the major cruise lines operate cruises there which involve scenic cruising through the gorgeous fjords, and port stops in the charming towns and cities. Down the coast, the cities of North America- including Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles- give way to the beach resorts of Mexico and Central America, one of which is the famous Cabo San Lucas. Cruises down the coast of South America are more scarce than those to Mexico, but they are out there, and well worth it. Smaller luxury cruise lines can be counted on to cruise to the more exotic and far-flung destinations. Peru's capital city, Lima, is a port often visited, and is a city of Spanish-Native American fusion with plenty of cultural and historical sites to visit during a day onshore. Valparaiso, Concepcion and Puerto Montt also host cruise ships down the Chilean coast, and Ushaia in Argentina is often the last stop before adventure cruises to Antarctica.


Cruise Lines in the Pacific

Most major lines cruise in the Pacific. P&O Australia is the most common out of Australian ports, along with Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. You will find many Crystal cruises in Japan and Asia, and the full range of luxury lines with itineraries in the Pacific. The options are wide open!

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