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Los Angeles World Cruise: See the World

Published on Mar 01, 2014

Los Angeles World Cruise: See the World

Los Angeles World Cruise: See the World

Los Angeles is not often used as a port of call for a world cruise, or an embarkation port for a sector of one, as most of these stop at San Francisco, further south on the North American coast. However the entertainment capital is growing in popularity as a cruise port, with Princess Cruises scheduling an inaugural Los Angeles world cruise in 2015.


Cruise Crystal from Los Angeles

Crystal Cruises has a world cruise departing Los Angeles, but this does not complete a full circumnavigation, rather finishes in Southampton. However, it certainly visits much of the globe over 90 nights! After visiting Los Angeles, the ship spends a lot of time in Asia, then sails below Africa with stops along the continent's coast, before calling in to Lisbon and terminating in Southampton. Crystal is a large-ship luxury line, which balances the 5-star food and service of boutique cruising with the large-ship dynamics and the increased amenities it can provide. All-inclusive fares make the Crystal Grand Exotic Expedition expensive but certainly an experience to remember.


Cruise Princess from Los Angeles

The world cruise from Los Angeles by Princess is set to depart in January 2015, and it is a full circumnavigation and round trip, departing from and returning to the City of Angels. The cruise heads across the Pacific, stopping in Hawaii and Samoa before visiting New Zealand and Australia then heading up the coast of Asia then back down past India. The ship visits the Middle East and passes through the Suez Canal to spend a port-heavy week in the wonderful Mediterranean. The next leg is across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and Florida before passing through the Panama Canal and returning to Los Angeles. The cruise is an amazing experience- 35 ports over 111 days. Although the ship remains in some ports for more than one day, there is a lot of time spent at sea. Passengers use these days to enjoy the ship's facilities, grow friendships and of course, relax.


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