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MSC Cruises breaks ground on exclusive marine reserve

MSC Cruises breaks ground on exclusive marine reserve

One of the best things about cruising is getting to discover and luxuriate in stunning new locales; MSC Cruises has tapped into this cruise dream by pioneering their very own stunning marine reserve - a tropical playground designed specifically for the enjoyment of Caribbean cruise passengers. The Bahamas island, to be named Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, has been on the MSC radar since at least 2015 but it was only this week that ground was broken on the massive project.

Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Gladstone Christie joined Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises, to celebrate the commencement of works on the former industrial sand extraction site. At the Groundbreaking Ceremony, Mr Vago said, “Our aim is to turn an industrial wasteland into a thriving environment for man and nature alike, bringing the island back to its original state.” The first step in development will be clearing remaining industrial infrastructure in order to return the island to a pristine state.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Over the next two years or so, MSC Cruises is intending to create a natural paradise for the sole enjoyment of MSC guests, and in spite of its current state there's no doubt that the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve has the potential to be absolutely stunning. Gianluca Suprani, Head of Global Port Development and Shore Side Activities at MSC Cruises, said of the isle: “Located merely 65 miles east of Miami, Florida, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve has 11,400 feet of beautiful coastline and crystal blue waters teeming with unique marine life. The island has some of the finest aragonite sands in the world and once the work is completed, its surrounding waters will be home again to beautiful corals and rich aquatic life.” 

Among the enhancements on the way is a landscaping plan which will see over 80 different species of indigenous trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses and a purpose-built berth and pier which will allow MSC ships to dock at the reserve. 

For those who are dying to get a glimpse of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in its full splendour, MSC cruise ships will be calling in to the tropical island from November 2018 onwards, which leaves plenty of time to plot and plan the cruise getaway of a lifetime. However, if that sounds like too long to wait, it's easy to find a cruise to all kinds of amazing destinations, both on MSC itineraries and other well loved cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, P&O and Princess Cruises.

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