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Keen for an easy way to make your cruise holiday even better?

Keen for an easy way to make your cruise holiday even better?

A new way to take your cruise holiday to the next level is arriving in 2019. Royal Caribbean, one of Australasia’s favourite cruise lines, is introducing RoyalUp - giving you the chance to upgrade to a better stateroom with just a few clicks. If you happened to sail with Celebrity Cruises last year, you may be familiar with the concept in the form of Celebrity MoveUp, but this is the first time that this kind of upgrade programme has been introduced for a family-focused line like Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean is known for having some of the most spectacular cruise ships on the ocean.

The RoyalUp Programme gives guests who’ve booked a spot aboard a Royal Caribbean sailing the opportunity submit a bid to upgrade from their existing stateroom category to a higher category. So how does it all work exactly? Read on to dive a little deeper into the ins and outs of this novel way to improve your cruise experience.

The whole process will get kicked off when Royal Caribbean emails the upgrade offer to the first named guest on your reservation. While only the first guest is contacted, any person on the reservation is able to submit an upgrade offer.

The price you bid for an upgrade is not a per day amount - the amount you offer will be for the entire duration of the cruise, based on a double occupancy. That means that any additional guests staying in the same stateroom will not be charged, and that single occupants will be charged on a double occupancy basis. This offer is of course in addition to the original fare for the cruise. If you’re travelling in a group which is booking multiple staterooms, each offer will be considered individually - it’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that everyone will receive an upgrade, and upgraded staterooms may not be close together.

What’s better than booking a stateroom on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Getting an even better stateroom.

When it comes to the upgrades themselves, you won’t be able to select particular locations or amenities, as the upgrade offered will vary based on availability. This can still be a very worthwhile trade-off, as you’ll be enjoying a better class of stateroom. Make sure you’re certain about your bid, because if the requested upgrade is accepted then the card you used for booking will be charged immediately - this is not refundable.

While bidding for a stateroom upgrade may not be for everyone, taking advantage of Royal Caribbean’s RoyalUp programme can be a really cost effective way to make your cruise holiday even more amazing!

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