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Royal Caribbean is offering front row seats to a rare and exciting natural spectacle

Royal Caribbean is offering front row seats to a rare and exciting natural spectacle

An eclipse is a rare event, and a total solar eclipse, during which the moon passes directly between the earth and sun, is the kind of thing you might see once in your lifetime - if that. The upcoming “Great American Eclipse” projected to cut a darkened path across the United States in August has been anticipated for nearly a century, and will wow crowds of spectators who are making plans to travel to the best viewing locations across the country.

Royal Caribbean has great news for those who love the sights of sea and sky alike. The fun-focused cruise line will take passengers on one of their trademark Caribbean journeys in August with added extras - front row seats for the total eclipse that already has America buzzing, and a concert by a band that's known for their fun dance music.

Twilight will descend as the moon briefly blots out the sun in a total eclipse - the Oasis of the Seas will give you front row seats to the rare natural spectacle.

The eclipse of a lifetime

Billed as the “Great American Eclipse”, the celestial event on the 21st of August 2017 will involve the moon completely blocking the sun, turning daytime to twilight and leaving just a shimmering outline to light up the land - the sun’s “corona”. Those who have viewed total eclipses proclaim it to be an amazing and unforgettable sight, and it’s well worth a trip to take it in from the best possible spot.

The “path of totality,” from which the full eclipse will be viewable (elsewhere it will be seen as a partial eclipse) cuts a swathe across the United States, extending into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Millions of people are expected to turn out to see the earth, moon and sun align, with huge numbers travelling specifically for it. NASA has offered some guidelines for safe eclipse viewing, so that spectators can fully enjoy the beautiful and rare cosmic coincidence. Hotels across the path of totality are fast booking up, and now there’s a new option which should appeal to our readers.

Cruise and views with Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean has recently announced a special cruise itinerary to take advantage of the opportunity to witness a total eclipse. See the eclipse from the comfort of a cruise ship, in prime position in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Oasis of the Seas will depart Orlando on the 20th of August 2017 to begin a week-long voyage taking in the fun and sun of the Caribbean. Before heading south to such destinations as St. Maarten, St Thomas and the Bahamas, the ship will pause in the perfect spot at the perfect time and allow passengers to witness from the vessel the amazing spectacle of a total solar eclipse.

People have been anticipating this solar eclipse for 100 years - view it in style from the deck of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.

Of course, Royal Caribbean is not a line to allow any event - on earth or in the heavens - to pass without a celebration. The “Total Eclipse Cruise” will include a viewing party headlined by DNCE, multi-platinum selling band fronted by Joe Jonas, who says of the event:

“When we were invited to headline this once-in-a-lifetime event, we didn’t think twice. What could be more out of this world than witnessing a full solar eclipse at sea? We’re stoked about coming back on board with Royal Caribbean to put on a lights-out performance with a very special guest. It’s beyond exciting to be able to celebrate this crazy moment in history out in the middle of the ocean.”

DNCE members onboard the Harmony of the Seas

 Eclipse-themed activities are also lined up for the rest of the voyage, including dance parties, enrichment lectures, trivia, and interactive science fun for the kiddie cruisers. Passengers will also enjoy several cosmic-themed cocktails and menu items to really get in the spirit. These fun touches are on top of the extensive activities, venues, attractions, bars, eateries and entertainment which comes standard with a cruise on the beautiful Oasis of the Seas. The third largest cruise ship in the world, it is decked out with surf simulators, a zip line, theatre venues hosting everything from major broadway shows to high-diving performances, a beach pool, an ice skating rink and the first living park at sea.

If you’d like to combine one of the best and most relaxing holidays with one of the rarest and most exciting natural phenomena, make sure to get onboard the “Total Eclipse Cruise”. Book your spot now and claim a little piece of history!

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