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Cruisesalefinder gets ready for Quantum

Published on Nov 06, 2014

Cruisesalefinder gets ready for Quantum

Quantum of the Seas up and running

Royal Caribbean International has taken delivery of its stunning new ship, Quantum of the Seas. New features on the Quantum include 'boatloads of bandwidth', skydiving at sea and virtual balconies, as RCI seek to take cruising to the next level in terms of passenger enjoyment and the 'Wow Factor'. And of course Cruise Sale Finder will be onboard, providing you with exclusive, behind-the-scenes access as Quantum takes to the ocean wave. From photos to articles, we will give you the inside scoop on this mind-blowing new ship.

A busy season ahead for Quantum

Capable of holding more than 4000 passengers, Quantum has just arrived in the UK from Germany. The lucky first-ever passengers will then board in the UK, as it goes transatlantic to Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey for docking and its christening on November 10. Its first season incorporates the Bahamas and Caribbean, before moving on to her next homeport - Shanghai, China - in May 2015.

So why all the fuss about Quantum of the Seas?

  • The 'world's most technologically advanced' ship. Extensive bandwidth will deliver onboard connectivity never seen before on a cruise liner, thanks to mid-Earth orb satellites. Radio-Frequency Identification Chip (RFID) technology also speeds up the boarding process and eliminates paperwork.

  • Virtual Balconies are 80-inch, high-definition LCD screens, replicating the sights and sounds of the ocean.

  • The Bionic Bar presents robots that can mix a perfect cocktail.

  • North Star Capsule is attached to an arm and can lift you more than 300ft above the ocean wave.

  • Two70 doubles up as a chill-out area in the day with 270-degree views, before transforming into a space-age entertainment venue in the evening, thanks to six 'roboscreens' that combine to provide a Vistarama.

  • Roller-skating and bumper cars at SeaPlex: the largest sports and entertainment complex at sea. 

A special journey

Cruise Sale Finder's very own Ryan Posa is taking a trip to New York to get up close and personal with Quantum of the Seas. He will get a first look at this ground-breaking ship on November 12, before disembarking on November 14. Despite being a very experienced cruise traveller, Ryan is relishing the prospect of seeing Quantum.

"There is so much to look forward to, but I am particularly interested in the North Star, the likes of which have never been seen before on a cruise ship. The sky-diving simulator and robotic bartenders are also high on the list of things to see and do."

We will be documenting Ryan's journey onboard Quantum, so keep checking out our site as we take you on a journey around the exciting Quantum of the Seas.

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