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Find out everything you need to know about the Princess World Cruise 2019

Find out everything you need to know about the Princess World Cruise 2019

You can be among the lucky group of cruisers to step aboard the Sea Princess in Sydney or Brisbane for one of Princess Cruises’ legendary world cruises. But with a sailing as popular as this one, cruise enthusiasts from all over Australasia will be flocking to book their ideal suite or stateroom and take advantage of earlybird deals as soon as spaces becomes available on November 9 2017. So why exactly are folks getting so excited about this particular voyage? For a start it’s an incredibly convenient way to see the world. No long flights, no airports, Australian dollars used onboard, no tipping required… and that’s just a start. There’s far more than convenience to recommend this world cruise. Here are the details that will get you up to speed about the Princess World Cruise 2019:


The best thing about taking a world cruise is getting to see dozens of breathtaking new destinations without hardly lifting a finger or even unpacking more than once. And when it comes to destinations, the Princess World Cruise 2019 exceeds expectations. 32 nations are represented, and cruisers will spend more than 500 hours in ports around the world - this includes 3 overnight stays, one each in Saint Petersburg, London and New York so you can really get to grips with the soul of these world cities. You’ll have the chance to visit 15 different UNESCO world heritage sites, and just in case you think you might ever be at a loose end, there are more than 300 shore excursions you can choose from over the course of your 106-night voyage.

The Princess Cruises 2019 World Cruise guides cruisers to some of the most awe-inspiring destinations on earth.


In an ideal world, taking 106 days to cruise right around the world is undoubtedly the way to go. However, the reality is that sometimes you just can’t set aside that much time away - or you’re hunting for something a little cheaper than a full world voyage. Fortunately you can book segments of this Princess Cruises voyage if the whole thing is a little out of reach. Those planning to embark in Sydney can choose to cruise through to New York, London or Dubai for a 68, 56 or 22-night cruise respectively. If you’re prepared to fly before you cruise, there are also London segments to Sydney and Brisbane (50, 52 nights) and a New York to Sydney option (38 nights).

TThe Sea Princess is a magnificent vessel, more than worthy to carry cruisers on the Princess Cruises 2019 World Cruise.


There’s no denying that price is an important consideration for cruisers, especially for longer voyages, so here’s the lowdown on some of the special prices that you can expect when you book through Cruise Sale Finder:

Sydney to Sydney & Brisbane to Brisbane

  • Twin interior cabins from: $22,539
  • Balcony cabins from: $35,769


Dubai to London (Dover)

  • Twin interior cabins from: $8,623
  • Balcony cabins from: $13,033


New York to Sydney

  • Twin interior cabins from: $8,623
  • Balcony cabins from: $13,621


As excellent as that pricing is, here are a few extras that make it look even more attractive: past Princess Cruises guests will receive an additional discount of up to $1000 per person, and anyone who books with Cruise Sale Finder will also get up to $1000 onboard credit - a fantastic way to kickstart your cruise experience!

Remember: all the best cabins and suites will disappear in a flash, so pre-register your interest with Cruise Sale Finder and we’ll give you a call as soon as bookings open. Locking down your ideal world cruise aboard the Sea Princess couldn’t be easier.

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