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The Princess fleet is heading boldly into the future.

The Princess fleet is heading boldly into the future.

Princess Cruises is well known for its classic cruising style which preserves and improves upon the best cruise traditions, but this line has just declared a major development which is anything but traditional. Princess announced a memorandum of agreement with premiere shipbuilder Fincantieri to build two new ships with a very special difference.

The new vessels are the first Princess Cruises ships to feature a dual-fuel power source - and most of that fuel will be Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel. The use of LNG in this dual-fuel solution will have a significant positive environmental impact, cutting down both air emissions and marine gasoil.

Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises said of the next-gen ships, “This revolutionary platform for next-generation, LNG-powered cruise ships will introduce innovative design and leisure experiences driven by the future vacation and lifestyle trends of our guests - further evolving the already best-in-class Princess Cruises experience we deliver today.”

Princess vessels sail all around the world on a huge range of exciting itineraries.

The two new ships will be the largest by capacity in the Princess fleet, each set to accommodate around 4,300 guests. These aren’t the only vessels that Princess Cruises has with Fincantieri right now - there are also 3 different Royal-class ships on order with the prestigious shipbuilder including Princess Cruises’ next new ship, Sky Princess. The Sky Princess is due for delivery in October this year, while the other two Royal-class vessels are slated for delivery in 2020 and 2022.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, spoke of the company’s relationship with Princess Cruises, “We are proud to extend our long-established partnership with Princess Cruises, a brand we have been tied to since our return to the cruise ship building industry in 1990. After so many years, we are ready to enter, together, a new era of this industry, increasingly aimed at reducing even more of our environmental impact. We proudly do this with an all-time record project, both in terms of size and technology. We believe that there are no more significant milestones than these to reaffirm our market-leading position.”

The two dual-fuel vessels will be delivered after the Royal-class ships, the first in late 2023 and the second in spring 2025. That means there’s a bit of a wait ahead of us before these futuristic new ships hit the waves, but in the meantime Princess Cruises has plenty of other vessels plying the world’s oceans. Find out what amazing experiences Princess has in store for you today.

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