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Kristof on Sep 16, 2015

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If you're not a veteran cruise fan, the idea of taking a holiday in the middle of winter may seem a little odd, but those who've cruised before will know it's the perfect way to escape the drudgery of working through the colder months. As if the prospect of a winter cruise wasn't exciting enough already, the Princess Cruise line have just made their Winter 2017 Program available - and there are a few tantalising surprises in store!

A royal visit

In an exciting development for Aussie cruise lovers, one of Princess Cruises' most prestigious vessels will be making her home right here: the Golden Princess is set to be based in Australia year round. This majestic vessel, which boasts enough space to carry 2,600 passengers in comfort, is the largest cruise ship ever to be based here in Australia for a whole year. But that's not the only tantalising news that the Golden Princess has in store for keen cruisers. It's also about to become the biggest Princess ship ever to do a World Cruise when it strikes out for an intrepid Pacific journey - but more about that shortly.

The world at your feet

While of course there are some 7 to 15 night South Pacific Island tours on the table, it's Princess' more adventurous itineraries that are the real eye-catchers in this recent release. Round World Cruises are back with a 104 night Sea Princess itinerary that will launch you on an epic odyssey from tropical climes to the land of the midnight sun. 

Only a vanishingly small number of people ever have the privilege of witnessing the starkly beautiful vistas of the Arctic Circle, and most of those folk have had to endure the privations of bleak winters and harrowing snowstorms. But now you have the chance to see this incredible landscape for yourself from the comfort of the stately Sea Princess. The Land of the Midnight Sun features prominently in the Sea Princess 2017 Round World Cruise, but that's far from the only exotic destination awaiting those who step aboard. Starting from either Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle or Auckland, this awe-inspiring cruise circuit will guide you through the ancient mystique and modern masterpieces of the Middle East, the sun-baked ports of the Mediterranean, the frozen climes of Norway's extreme north where the sun never sets for months, the urbane east coast of the United States, the heat and passion of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and the tropical charm of the Pacific Islands - and those are just a select few of the destinations you'll be treated to. It really is no exaggeration to say that this is the trip of a lifetime. With ever changing scenery and new places to discover almost every day, getting bored on board is simply not an option. This is perfect for those who've always dreamed of a round the world trip but have never quite been sure how best to go about it. Princess Cruises are experts in world travel, and this itinerary is the ultimate expression of that expertise.

A perfect circle

When most people picture a Pacific cruise, they might imagine a jaunt to Vanuatu, New Caledonia or Tahiti. Princess however has something far more ambitious in mind for their Winter 2017 Program: a 75 night Circle Pacific itinerary on the Golden Princess that captures the best of the entire Pacific Ocean. Discover what tropical fruit is meant to taste like in Manila, walk the Great Wall of China in Beijing, delve into the history of Nagasaki, glide among glaciers off the coast of Alaska and stand on the famed beaches of Hawaii. This journey includes a couple of specially timed highlights including an overnight in Vancouver to coincide with Canada's 150th Anniversary before moving on to San Francisco just in time to watch the city's spectacular 4th of July fireworks from the best seat in the house - the deck of the Golden Princess. Cruisers will have two days in each of these world-class cities to immerse themselves in the celebrations and explore the food, fun and culture that each destination has to offer.

Tropical indulgence

As if these two eye-opening journeys weren't enough, Princess is rounding off their longer offerings in the Winter 2017 program with a 35 night cruise from Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland around Hawaii, Tahiti and a handful of other paradisal Pacific islands. This is the ultimate relaxation itinerary - at just over a month long, a Hawaii & Tahiti cruise on the Golden Princess will give you enough time to really get work out of your system and devote yourself to the serious task of getting as much enjoyment out of these idyllic islands as you possibly can. Soaking up the sun on unspoiled beaches is obviously on the cards but you may also find yourself snorkeling in bright, aquamarine waters surrounded by flamboyant fish or discovering some of Polynesia's oldest cultural treasures.

So how can you get your hands on one of these incredible experiences before they're all snapped up? These itineraries are available now, so if one of these has caught your eye, don't delay. Find a cruise and find out more about the Round World Cruise, the Circle Pacific or the Hawaii & Tahiti cruise.  You may think that 2017 is a long way off, but you'd be surprised how quickly these special cruises get booked out. 

While I’m no cruise veteran, I do have a deep love for travel and fond memories of a certain Baltic cruise I went on many years ago… I think cruising is the ideal way to make sure there are no boring bits in your trip - why waste your holiday enduring arduous air journeys when you can cut through the waves in style and comfort?

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