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Find out about your ancestry on a luxury cruise? Yes please!

Find out about your ancestry on a luxury cruise? Yes please!

If you’ve ever been curious about who your ancestors might have been and where they came from, you now have the chance to indulge this curiosity on a specially themed genealogy cruise. Cunard Line and are teaming up to offer a special Atlantic crossing cruise: ‘A Journey of Genealogy’. Guests aboard the Queen Mary 2 will have the chance to dive into their past with a series of genealogy experts over the course of the seven-night cruise which retraces a similar route to the one taken by countless early immigrants into the United States.

Many guests will be following in the footsteps of their own ancestors on the Cunard Line ‘A Journey of Genealogy’.

Image: Jonathan Atkin for Cunard

These experts will reveal to guests where their family originated, teach them how to find genealogical information in census and military records and determine the ethnic mix of those onboard using AncestryDNA. Experts aboard ‘A Journey of Genealogy’ will include:

  • Jennifer Utley, director of research who oversees research for the TV shows Who Do You Think You Are? and Long Lost Family.
  • Angie Bush, genetic genealogist who combines her knowledge of traditional genealogy and genetics to solve complex questions of identity and kinship.
  • Crystal Beutler, part of Ancestry ProGenealogists, specialises in US Southern and Mid-Atlantic research. She also works on episodes of Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Simon Pearce is also part of Ancestry ProGenealogists and specialises in researching military ancestors from the First and Second World Wars.

Guests on ‘A Journey of Genealogy’ aboard the Queen Mary 2 will retrace the voyage of many who came to American shores seeking a better life.

It’s no coincidence that Cunard Line in particular has embraced this genealogical focus on a transatlantic voyage: Cunard was instrumental in the late 1800s immigration movement to the United States, with one in every five immigrants arriving at the storied Ellis Island arriving on a Cunard liner. 

“Cunard has a deep history with immigration to the US,” said Josh Leibowitz, SVP Cunard North America. “Cunard’s partnership with for the November transatlantic crossing will be an extraordinary experience for our guests to learn about their ancestors as they retrace their passage to the US, sailing into New York on a Cunard liner.”

The cruise, departing Southampton, will be taking place from November 4-11, 2018 and will offer a two-night post-voyage tour of Ellis Island and New York’s Ancestral Trail, giving guests the chance to get to grips with the early history of New York while also stopping by iconic historical landmarks like Wall Street, the New York Exchange, Federal Hall and the Trinity Church. 

Take the opportunity to journey into the past (and across the Atlantic!) with this unique cruise from Cunard - after all, how often do you get to find out about your heritage while cruising in old fashioned luxury? See the sailing page to find out more and start planning your voyage of discovery.

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