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The world is your cruising oyster when you book your cruise and flights together.

The world is your cruising oyster when you book your cruise and flights together.

More and more cruises are leaving from Australia these days, which is great news for Aussie cruisers. There’s nothing like stepping aboard a ship in your own city. But if you want to expand your cruising horizons and discover incredible new destinations around the world, chances are you’re going to have to take a flight to wherever your cruise kicks off.

The good news is that you can now book your cruise and your flights all in the same place. Cruise Sale Finder is making it easier than ever to explore the wonderful world of cruising, with a dedicated flight specialist to help you get to your cruise no matter where on earth it might be. When you book your cruise and flights with Cruise Sale Finder, not only will the combined experience make things a whole lot simpler, but there are some nice perks as well. Pick your own seat, put a 24 hour hold on a flight to get last minute details sorted and talk to a friendly expert about exactly the flight/cruise arrangement you want - it’s all part of the Cruise Sale Finder flights experience.


Call us now on 1300 13 41 26 to find out how our flight specialist can help you with your dream cruise holiday.



While I’m no cruise veteran, I do have a deep love for travel and fond memories of a certain Baltic cruise I went on many years ago… I think cruising is the ideal way to make sure there are no boring bits in your trip - why waste your holiday enduring arduous air journeys when you can cut through the waves in style and comfort?

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