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Get onboard in October with a whole fleet of Cruise Month deals!

Get onboard in October with a whole fleet of Cruise Month deals!

 October is a special month for cruisers and prospective cruisers: the official Choose Cruise Month, organised by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) across the globe. This Australasian cruise month will be an extravaganza of deals, promotions and more during which cruising will be highlighted to newbies and seasoned passengers alike. This is CLIA's third month-long celebration of cruise deals, giving fans of cruising across the region plenty of time to find an exceptional deal on their next voyage.

If you're already on board, this month can help you to talk up cruising to your reluctant friends and relatives, or find a stellar bargain amongst the many on offer during October. Those who are just deciding whether to dip their toes into the cruising pool can also get a great deal to make their debut less scary, and find out more about the various types and styles of cruise through the resources offered.

Cruise ship sunsets are a spectacular sight

Cruise line deals and themes
The many CLIA member lines, which include the majority of those sailing regularly from Australia, will release special offers during the month of October to entice prospective passengers to plan a cruise. They will be available from CLIA-certified cruise agents such as Cruise Sale Finder, and will be built around four weekly themes to showcase different styles and types of cruise.
  • The first theme is a classic, and one that many are familiar with: traditional ocean cruising from Australia and New Zealand. What could be a more convenient holiday?
  • Next is river cruising, an exciting and destination-focused style of cruise available on the liquid highways of Australia, Europe and other continents. Read a river cruise review to find out more!
  • The third theme is luxury cruising, focusing on smaller ships, unbelievable creature comforts and all-inclusive voyages which leave guests with nothing to worry about except how to relax and have fun each day Find out more about some of our favourite luxury cruises here!
  • Finally, cruise month will focus on expedition cruising - those intrepid itineraries which are adventures just waiting to happen. If you have wanderlust, an expedition cruise will surely satiate it.


Cruise Month Infographic

This is the month to book your next cruise, so keep an eye on our Cruise Month deals and start dreaming of where you might head to. Happy cruise month! #ChooseCruise
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