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Meghan on Dec 02, 2016

It’s a great time to book an Alaskan cruise, with additional sailings, tours from Princess Cruises

Alaska. It's on many a bucket list and it's easy to see why. The allure of the wild, rugged and adventurous beauty calls many to its shores and once it envelops them in its stunning vistas, leaves no one wanting. Seafarers come home with tales of Alaskan destinations with which other cruise itineraries just can't seem to compare.

What better way to explore the ‘Final Frontier' than to go out, bundled up, into the thick of the Alaskan wilderness knowing you will be returning comfortably to the warmth and solace of your cabin? Stand in awe of breathtaking glaciers from the safety of the deck and then head on down for a three-course dinner. Venture out to witness North America's gorgeous wildlife and scenery, and then revive your sore muscles with a spectacular massage.

And now, it gets even better. Whilst there are several lines that venture into the icy waters of the far north, Princess Cruises is trying hard to maintain the top spot in the eyes of customers and to that end has recently announced its exciting plans for the region. We think one of these five changes just might get you on board - either for the first time or once again!

1. More opportunities to make your Alaskan dreams come true.

Princess Cruises plans to increase the number of sailings to the region by 15% in 2018. Seven Princess Cruises' ships are scheduled to land in Alaskan waters for the North American summer season (between May and September). Choose from 130 departures from Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Francisco or Anchorage (Whittier).

2. New and unique chances to experience the Alaskan wilderness.

Island Princess will offer a full season of visits to Icy Strait Point, which promises an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime journey to witness the remote wilderness of this gorgeous location. 22 cruise tour options give guests the chance to see the interior of Alaska in all of its majestic glory, visiting five custom-built wilderness lodges.

3. Round trip cruises from Los Angeles.

For many of us, flying to the United States often means stopping at LAX first, no matter where you are going. With two sailings departing Los Angeles on a 12-day, round trip journey to Alaska, seeing this gorgeous part of the world has never been more tidy or simple.

4. Experience the taste of living in Alaska with Cook My Catch.

Not only can you head out on an exciting deep sea fishing excursion, you also get the chance to eat your catch of the day. Princess Cruises' exclusive culinary program Cook My Catch allows you to feel like a true adventurer, reaping the rewards of your exhilarating experience on board an Alaskan fishing vessel.

5. Did someone say puppies?

The award-winning North to Alaska program also features the opportunity for guests to interact with real Alaska sled dog puppies. These adorable animals are brought on board for the highly popular Puppies in the Piazza offering.  

Alaska has long captured the imagination of cruise lovers the world over and with more competition in the region, the trips are better than ever. Check out what's available now.

Learn more about the Alaskan experience, with this first hand account from our resident cruise agent Amy who used to work on the ships that frequented Alaska.

And be sure to share your own experience in the comments below!

Struck with an incurable case of wanderlust many years ago, I have traveled all over the globe determined to see and experience it all. Highlights are an African safari and a Great Barrier Reef diving adventure. From beach to mountains, I love it all! Next to cross of off my list, Antarctica - the last and coldest continent for me to experience. Until then, I’m more than happy exploring the beauty and splendour that is the South Pacific. Inspiring others to travel is what makes me tick, and I hope to help you find your next adventure sooner than later!

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