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One of the most appealing aspects of travelling on a modern cruise holiday from Australia is the incredible food. Major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, P&O, Princess cruises and Celebrity are all well aware of the importance of onboard cuisine and standards are higher than ever. In fact, food is often a major factor in how Australian cruise passengers spend their dollar. ...
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Here on the Cruise Sale Finder food section we will keep you up to date with all of the latest developments regarding food and drink. The fare on offer is improving all the time, with a variety of eateries available. International recipes are standard fare, covering all types of European, Asian and American cuisine. There really is a huge smorgasbord of choice.

So what can you expect when you take a luxury cruise from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth? Here's just a brief summary:

P&O Cruises: Big name celebrity chef Luke Mangan's Salt Grill is a major draw, while Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden both have the Luke Mangan bar & cocktails are a speciality. These two new ships are part of a P&O dining revolution, with 15 bars, restaurants and cafes. The buffet is being scrapped for a food-court style of dining entitled 'The Pantry' - it's also being rolled out on Pacific Jewel. The rest of the P&O fleet has seven restaurants and cafes, with Your Choice Dining giving you flexibility on mealtimes. The Waterfront and Plantation Restaurants have an outstanding reputation.

Royal Caribbean: There are some amazing fine dining options as part of the package on Royal Caribbean, including multi-course meals in the main dining room. The Windjammer Café and Café Promenade are big favourites, along with Jade Sushi and the Solarium Bistro. For an additional cost, the Chops Grille, Portofino, Giovanni's Table and 150 Central Park are all worth the investment. And let's not forget Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant on Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.

Celebrity: Described as 'an amazing array of flavours', Celebrity prides itself on outstanding presentation and choice. The main restaurant has 29 dish selections, with many changing each night. Qsine takes you on a culinary journey with the likes of Sushi Lollipops, Disco Shrimp and Painter's Mignon, while Murano is a contemporary take on classic French cuisine.

From news stories to all the major announcements and developments around the dining experience, the Cruise sale Finder food section is sure to keep you satisfied. And if you have any views, opinions or stories, please get in touch with our writers. This page is all about information and interaction. Bon appetit!

Find a cruise with Cruise Sale Finder today, whether it be a cheap cruise, or a cruise from Australia, New Zealand or one of the many other locations on offer.

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