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I bet you didn’t know these fun facts about cruising

I bet you didn’t know these fun facts about cruising

Time to test your knowledge, cruise lovers!

You may know the trick to packing for a cruise, and everything there is to know about cruising etiquette, but do you know these interesting cruise facts?

Have a read and then test your cruise-loving friends.

The art of cruise dining is more of a science

With thousands of mouths to feed, a ship's head chef has to be one part culinaire genius, and one part mathematical whiz.

Your cruise chef will create menus and meals based on what they know about passenger preferences before the trip even starts. Then, within the first few days, they'll have a good idea of whether the group of passengers are - for example - big fruit fans or not, and can therefore adjust their orders as needed for the rest of the cruise.

They'll need to order enough to satisfy everyone, but not so much as to have leftovers. Excess food will be repurposed as often as possible - too many apples may well turn into apple pie for dessert on the buffet table!

While you're in port enjoying onshore excursions and checking out the area, hundreds of workers are filling orders for a fresh supply of food!

Cruise ships carry mini wastewater purification plants

There's a bad rumour about cruising that ships simply pump everything from the sewage tanks straight into the sea. In fact, cruise ships have sophisticated systems to deal with this slightly taboo but strictly necessary process!

New ships feature similar plants to those you find on land, where a two-step purification process treats the waste by disinfecting the water with UV radiation and by incinerating the solids. In both cases, harmful nutrients and bacteria are removed, making the ‘waste' safe for dumping in the ocean. Even then, there are restrictions on where it can take place, and solids are often kept for removal at the next port.

On older ships, the plants are not always as sophisticated. They still disinfect waste, just not quite to the same level of newer ships. In any case, those rumours about drains leading straight to the sea simply aren't true (after all, cruise companies have a vested interest in keeping the ocean clean, too).

There are cameras everywhere

You would probably never notice it, but public areas (anywhere outside your cabin) are generally covered by cameras at all times.

This is in case of any incidents or accidents on board the ship, and helps to increase the safety and security of passengers.

Ships can be very superstitious

Eagle-eyed cruisers will note that some ships will say they have 15 decks - but only actually have 14. Why? Because the 13th deck is sometimes skipped in order to avoid creating an "unlucky" deck!

This is most common on Carnival ships, so take a look at the buttons in the elevator next time you're on board!

With that being said, superstitions aboard sailing vessels are hardly new, check out these nautical no-nos for more fun facts.

Cruising is huge - and still growing

There are already more than 400 cruise ships floating around the world, and together, they hold almost half a million passengers.

The industry is also growing incredibly quickly with new ships being commissioned all the time, and more and more guests getting onboard each year. In 2015 for example, 135,000 more Australians went on a cruise than the year before, surpassing the 1-million-passengers-in-a-year mark. The Australia Cruise Association also predicts that number to rise to 2 million by 2020.

It's official - cruising in Australia is wildly popular.   

You'll only ever see a fraction of the ship

You will no doubt explore the ship on your first day onboard, but even by the end of the cruise when you know your way around, you'll still only see a fraction of it.

Aside from the storage and mechanical areas, there are countless rooms and spaces set aside purely for workers. Depending on the ship, they may have their own bars, gyms, dining areas and more where they can relax during their downtime.

What else will you discover when you book your next cruise?

Did you already know any of these fun facts? Do you have any cruise facts of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below, or share them on our Facebook page.

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